Top 5 Bridal Shoe Styles

There are many shoe styles out there for brides, and it can be a challenge to know which one will work best for you.  Which shoe will be the most comfortable and provide the most support? It often depends on the bride. Here are five shoe styles perfect for a bride.

Sparkling Flats

As the bride, your wedding day will be filled with activities and excitement, and the last thing you need are uncomfortable shoes. Aflat is a great choice because it will give you the comfort you need through an otherwise hectic day.  Should you choose a heel or wedges for your ceremony, consider a flat for the reception for dancing the night away. Flats are versatile and can come in a variety of styles from simple to elegant.

Low Heel

If you want to wear a heel on your wedding day, consider wearing a low heel, such as a kitten heel.  A little heel can go a long way. 1-2 inches should add a little height while remaining stable enough for walking or standing. This is another excellent choice for a reception shoe, due to the comfort factor while mingling with your guests and support while on the dance floor. Certainly the traditional high heeled shoes can always be used for your wedding ceremony.

Elegant Sandal

Comfort and style for a beach wedding or any summer wedding, sandals can complement or enhance a wedding day look.  Sandals will make it easy to walk, like a flat, and the straps will provide some support.   Especially for an outdoor wedding, a sandal will prevent you from sinking into the grass or sand as a heel might.  Sandals, like flats, come in a variety of colors and styles.


When you want a heel on your wedding day, consider a wedge, with its thicker heel will give you better comfort and support over an equally traditional high heel.  When looking at wedges, like any heel, make sure the insoles have sufficient padding. You can add aftermarket padding if necessary to provide additional comfort. Like any heeled shoe, adding an arch support can offer added comfort if you have flat feet.  

Fun Sneaker

Probably the most comfortable shoe you can choose for your wedding, a sneaker adds some whimsy and fun to your wedding day look. When wearing sneakers, you don’t have to worry about walking or standing in heels. 

While a sneaker might not be the most elegant shoe for your wedding day, your comfort is important, so sneakers will provide you more support than you would get from a heel or even a flat. Sneakers can be simple or elegant, and depending on the length of  your dress, nobody will know you’re in a sneaker (unless you flash them on the dance floor).

When it comes to your wedding day shoes, consider your comfort and the amount of support you need first. Still looking for the perfect wedding gown? Check out the Fan C Designs collection, and check back with our blog for more tips like Flats vs. Heels: Which Make the Best Wedding Shoes.

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