What To Expect For Your Bridal Fitting

With so much leading up to your wedding, it can be a challenge putting together the timeline so things flow smoothly. One big event will be your wedding gown fittings. Here is what will happen at each of your wedding fitting appointments.

First Fitting

Traditionally at your first fitting, you will get your dress assessed by the seamstress, and they will discuss with you any alterations they recommend. Have a budget in mind for alterations so you can discuss it with the seamstress. 

In addition to seeing if things need alteration, the seamstress will also examine the dress for loose decorations (like beading) and poorly sewn seams. Bring a small group of one or two family members for support. Note that the final dress results are primarily between you and the seamstress so take the multitude of advice from your group with caution. Bring your veil, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories you will need to your first fitting to make sure the total ensemble is discussed.

Second Fitting

Five or Six weeks before your wedding day, you will have the second fitting to make sure the first alterations are correct. To prepare for your appointment, remember what you discussed at the first fitting. During the second fitting, make sure they were completed. If any loose decoration or seams were noted, confirm they were corrected. 

Next step, determine if additional alterations will be required (normally, this will be a yes). It might be helpful to bring the same people from the first fitting to confirm the alterations were what was agreed upon. Likewise, bring your undergarments and accessories to this fitting to see what the total ensemble should look like. One final check at this fitting, make sure you can move, sit, and stand comfortably in the dress.

Final Fitting

As close to your wedding day as possible, have your final fitting. By this time, all the alterations should be finished, so this appointment is for a final try on, and getting instructions on how to put the dress on, and getting the bridesmaids comfortable with fitting it on the bride. The seamstress will also give you advice on the care and transporting of the dress.  Make sure someone knows how to do up your bustle, how to attach your veil, and how to put on any jewelry or accessories the bride may have.  

Follow this guide as a base and make sure you prepare for each of your bridal appointments. If you’re in the market for a wedding dress, check out our collection.

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