Why More Brides are Searching For their Wedding Dresses Online

For those who are ending their summer newly engaged – it’s never too early to start preparing for wedding planning season. Many couples choose to be engaged for about a year, so the clock is ticking!

One of the most important aspects of your wedding will be your dress – a centerpiece you can coordinate your entire event theme around. Knowing that you are going to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day is a must and will put you in the headspace to tackle other aspects of your big event.

In this article, we will explore why more brides are searching for their wedding dresses online and what has led to this uptick. 

Choices, Choices, Choices!

One of the biggest perks those who shop for wedding dresses online get to enjoy is the wide selection of choices available. Instead of only visiting a single bridal shop at a time, online dress shopping allows you to search for a variety of brands and designers all at once. Typically, bridal shops carry partnerships with certain brands and designers, meaning their in-store selections can be rather limited. When shopping online, you will be able to view styles you never would have considered – and some you never knew existed!


Wedding planning can seem like a full time job. Piling this task on top of a regular job, home responsibilities, and family and social life can be extremely time-consuming. Shopping for a wedding dress online will help you keep your wedding planning a priority and allow you to avoid scrambling at the last second. By browsing dresses online, you can search anywhere, anytime. Your daily commute or gym time can now be complemented with some shopping!


Let’s face it – booking in-person consultations and bridal shop appointments can be very inconvenient. Especially if you are planning on bringing along folks from your wedding party to provide their input. Creating a group chat where you can share links to gowns of interest makes for a much less-stressful, convenient option.

Price Transparency 

Sticking to a strict budget is an important part of ensuring a smooth wedding planning process. A great perk of shopping for wedding dresses online is the price transparency that comes with the visibility of the listing. 

When shopping in-store, many dresses don’t have price tags physically attached to them, or if they do, they are incredibly hard to find. Avoid the awkwardness that can come from pestering your bridal consultant to check the price of every dress you try on and shop online for selections that fit your price range. 

Reviews and Try-On Photos

When shopping for wedding dresses online, you will be able to view try-on photos and sift through reviews to ensure the gowns you are purchasing are accurately represented. By viewing photos of the texture, color, and fit of the gowns you can see how they held up for others on their wedding days. When you view dress styles on other women who are your same body-type, you will be able to get an idea of how the gown will look on you!

We hope this article helped get you excited to shop for wedding dresses online. A great place to start is FanCDesigns – we can’t wait to help support your wedding gown journey! 

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