Pros and Cons of Finding a Wedding Venue Online

Are you planning on booking your wedding venue online? There are a few key elements you need to consider first – and that’s what we are here for! In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of finding a wedding venue online. Let’s dive into it! 

Pros of Finding a Wedding Venue Online

To start on a high note, let’s kick it off with the pros:

Vast Selection 

One of the biggest pros to searching for your wedding venue online is the vast selection you will be exposed to. Only looking locally via newspapers or driving around searching for venues marketing themselves will limit your selection. By exploring options online, you will be able to consider locations you may have never heard of otherwise! 


Touring and researching wedding venues is time-consuming and can make a big dent in your wedding planning schedule. For those who work full-time jobs, have family matters to attend to, or just generally can’t dedicate 24/7 to wedding planning (let’s face it – who can!) searching for venues online provides an incredible element of convenience. 

Reviews and Photos

In order to gain inspiration and spark your creativity when it comes to personalizing a space or venue, looking at reviews and photos for locations is a great way to explore how you can customize venues. There are also nuances that are hidden or not explored when visiting locations on-site, which is why reading venue reviews is so important. Previous guests will be able to post reviews and photos of their experience, so you don’t have to repeat their mistakes! 

Cons of Finding a Wedding Venue Online

Next, we will explore the cons of finding a wedding venue online:

Customization Can Be Difficult 

While finding a wedding venue online has great perks, it also comes with some cons to match. When touring venues online, learning how much or little you are able to customize a venue can be a challenge. It is important to personalize your space for your special day, but some locations will be more lenient than others! If you are wanting to make any major altercations, visiting the venue in-person is your safest bet. 

Inaccurate Representation 

Of course, things online are not always what they seem. Venue hosts can get creative with angles, descriptions, and the ways in which they represent certain spaces in hopes of making the location appear more attractive. By only touring wedding venue locations online, you are at higher risk of being exposed to an inaccurate representation of a site. 

Difficulty Booking

When booking your wedding venue, you will want to be as intentional and specific as possible to ensure the venue has access to all of the information it needs to accommodate your special day. When booking online, it can be difficult to voice your requests and get certain questions answered. Booking in-person with a consultant can be an easier option for some folks who require ease of booking! 

Hidden Costs 

Hidden costs go hand in hand with the wedding industry, which is why you should always be on high alert for them! Hidden costs can include booking fees, vendor fees, customization costs, and other ways in which the venue hopes to over-charge you. By meeting with the venue representatives in-person, you will be able to get better clarity into possible hidden costs that may occur. 

We hope you learned a little something about the pros and cons of booking your wedding venue online. While this method is not for everyone, it can provide a significant level of convenience! To shop your dress online with the help of our consultants, visit the FanCDesigns collection today.

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