Wedding Dress Trends of 2023

The wedding dress world can be overwhelming, to say the least. When choosing your gown, it is only natural to want something that will compliment your individuality, be timeless for years to come, and stay up to date with current trends! In this article, we will explore wedding dress trends of 2023, so you can stay with the times while also highlighting your individuality. 

Breathtaking Ballgowns

Ballgowns are a classic dress style that will stay timeless for years to come. These gowns are great for brides that want a “princess” style wedding and hope to extenuate their waistline and cover up their bottom-half. For an extra add of personality, you can explore tooled layers, texture, and patterns.

Minimalism and “Old Money”

The “old money” trend has been a hot topic in the fashion industry for most of this year – and for good reason! This style incorporates classic pieces and jewel-toned accessories. Jewelry is another old money trend that individuals who embrace this style love. Stick with gold, delicate styles that do not draw too much attention. 

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are another great way to embrace current fashion trends. Lace, patterns, textures, and fabric additions can make for a great addition to any dress. Even if you choose a short-sleeve or sleeveless-style dress, seamstresses can add a long-sleeve element for desired personalization. Plus, sleeves are fantastic for winter weddings or brides getting married outdoors! 

Florals and Textures

Florals and textures also make for a great addition to any gown. Subtle floral patterns can be used to overlay classic dresses for a more modern feel. Textures such as lace, sequins, crystals, and more will also add an element of surprise for any bride! 

Convertible Dresses

Oftentimes, brides will not only select a dress to walk down the aisle in, but an additional outfit for the reception and dance hall. Instead of paying for two dresses, invest in one convertible dress that can go from day to night. These gowns often have attachable and detachable elements that can be used to help transform a look, without having to facilitate an entire outfit change. 

Adding a Pop of Color

When it comes to weddings, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! Some may think it is taboo to add an element of color to the traditional white color palate. Dress up your wedding day look with colorful shoes, bags, belts, and jewelry for a more personalized look without straying too far from the classics.  

We hope this article helped you explore new and exiting wedding dress trends of 2023 that can help inspire your look! Make FanCDesigns a part of your special day by contacting our consultants today. 

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