Is an A-Line Wedding Dress Right For You?

When searching for your dream wedding dress, the options can easily seem overwhelming. From mood boards to Pinterest selections, brides can easily feel outnumbered by the amount of trendy new styles entering the wedding world. This is why more and more brides are leaning towards considering the classics when selecting a wedding dress for their big day. In this article, we will explore how to tell if an A-line wedding dress is right for you!

What Is An A-Line Wedding Dress?

You might be asking yourself, what is an A-line wedding dress? An A-line wedding dress is a gown that fits tightly around the hips and flares out at the waist. Most of the time, A-line wedding dresses also have a train, which can be easily customizable to add an element of personalization to the classic gown. 

Body Type Versatility

When considering an A-line wedding dress, you can have confidence in knowing that these gowns are great for a variety of body types. This is especially true for brides who are hoping to add more coverage to their thighs and bottom half. These gowns can also be made strapless, strapped, or even full-sleeved to add coverage and comfort for brides of all preferences. 

Comfort and Ease of Movement

One of the best perks of choosing an A-line wedding dress is the comfort and ease of movement this style provides. For brides who want to get down on the dancefloor, the loose-fitting bottom half of this dress makes for the perfect choice. Brides who choose A-lined wedding dresses do not have to choose between comfort and style, as the tight-fitted waist adds an element of femininity and structure. 

Timeless Elegance

One of the most popular reasons why brides will choose an A-line wedding dresses is to invest in timeless elegance. A-line wedding dresses are a classic style that will never age poorly. For brides interested in dresses that will age to perfection, A-line is a perfect choice. 

Versatile Necklines and Fabrics 

Just because you choose a classic A-line-style dress does not mean you can’t customize your look! Gowns can be customized to have versatile necklines and fabrics that can compliment your wedding theme or personal style. Fabrics such as lace and toole, along with colors that complement those of your bridesmaids are a fun way to make your dress simply you

Easy to Accessorize 

A-line dresses are also extremely easy to accessorize without taking away from the classic style. Adding jewelry, hair pieces, shoes, or even getting a custom-made veil can help elevate the look and add a bit of spice to your wedding day look. Asking your hair and makeup stylists what exciting looks they can craft can also help you feel your most unique self. 

We hope this article helped get you excited to find your dream dress, whether it be an A-line gown or not! To explore our wide variety of gowns, check out the FanCDesigns collection today.

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