The Difference Between Ball Gown and Princess Wedding Dresses

With all of the options for wedding dresses out there, it can be hard to pick a style that complements both your personality and body type. Two of today’s most popular dresses are ballgown style and princess style wedding dresses. While these are both stunning gowns, they often get confused with each other. In this article, we will explore the difference between ballgowns and princess wedding dresses, so you can decide on your dream dress!

What Is a Ball Gown Wedding Dress?

First and foremost, we will explore what a ballgown wedding dress is and how you can identify this style when shopping.


Ball gown wedding dresses are known for having full and voluminous skirts. With a cinched waist, ball gown dresses have an accentuated train that adds a unique element of elegance. Some ball gown wedding dresses even have removable skirts, for brides who want a more versatile look for their wedding ceremony and reception party.

Fitted Waist 

The classic fitted waist is a signature style that goes hand-in-hand with ball gown wedding dresses. He’s settled waist down can be customized with lace, Jules, and other accents for a more personalized luck.

Versatile Necklines

While ball gown wedding dresses can be identified with their fitted waist and accentuate a train, they often have versatile necklines to compliment any bride’s style. From scoop neck to V-neck, please gallons can be customized with a variety of different necklines.

Great For The Formal Bride

Ball gown wedding dresses are perfect for a formal bride who is looking to embrace elegance on her special day. If you are having a black tie wedding or formal event, opt for a ballgown if you want to do the perfect fit!

What Is a Princess Wedding Dress?

Now, we will explore the princess wedding dress, sister of the ballgown style. While these two styles are often mistaken for one another, there are a few key differences we will explore below.

A-Line Silhouette

Princess-style wedding dresses often have an A-line silhouette, that is unique to this style gown. If you want to highlight your curves an A-line wedding dress is a great way to combine sexiness and femininity.

Soft and Romantic

Princess-style wedding gowns are known for being soft and romantic, so many brides that opt for this style choose a satin or silk material to elevate the element of class.

Subtle Attitude and Drama

Brides who choose a princess-style wedding gown often embrace subtle attitude and drama. This can apply to your venue and decor, too! These dresses are much more dramatic than the typical ballgown style, making them a great piece to wear for a winter wedding or any romantic- themed event.

Comfortable Fit

For brides who plan on moving around a lot on their big day, a princess wedding gown is the perfect pick. These dresses are much easier to move in for brides who will be bouncing from table to table to greet their guests and enjoy a dance on the dance floor

How To Choose

Now that we have covered the differences between a classic ballgown-style dress and a princess-style gown, we will dive into how you can choose the best dress for you!

Body Type & Personal Style

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, complementing your personal style is everything. For brides who want a more fitted look that accentuates their curves, a princess-style gown will be the perfect choice. For brides who want to embrace a fuller and more classic look that resembles royalty, a ballgown dress will do the trick.

Venue Type

You’ll also want to consider the type of venue in which you are hosting your wedding. If you are having a classic venue with a sit-down style dinner service, a ball gown makes a great choice. For a bride who is planning on getting up and moving during their event, a princess-style gown will be the pick for you.


Another key factor to consider is your comfort level when it comes to choosing your wedding gown. Be sure to pick a dress that provides comfort and support – this will result in higher confidence on your special day!

We hope this article helps you better understand the difference between princess-style gowns and ball gown wedding dresses. Whichever you prefer, your elegance is sure to shine through! To explore Fan C Design’s complete collection of dresses, visit our virtual boutique now.

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