The Biebers and Bridal Wear: Uncovering Hailey & Justin’s Special Day!

One of the most iconic weddings in our lifetime has been the marriage of Hailey and Justin Bieber. This power couple had one of the most publicly followed marriages, starting from the first point of their relationship. This wedding is known for its elegance, class, and continuity. In this article, we will explore what made this wedding so magical, and how you can emulate some of these in your own celebration.

Where It All Began 

First and foremost, let’s take a trip down memory lane with the Biebers. Hailey’s dad introduced her to Justin Bieber back in 2009, when he first started to be recognized as a worldwide pop sensation. They dated from 2015-2016 and then reconciled in 2018. That same year, the couple was engaged privately in the beautiful Bahamas. They tied the knot officially in private for hosting a more formal celebration in South Carolina.

Celebration in The South

The Beibers got married at an old church in Bluffton, South Carolina. While neither of the two are from this area, they were searching for a private event that still symbolized their shared religion. The weeping willows, vines, and classic vegetation of the south added an extra element of surprise to the wedding ambiance.

Hailey’s Outfits: Let’s Dive In!

Next, we will dive into the bits and pieces of Hailey’s outfits for each of the celebratory events.

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

For her rehearsal dinner dress, Hailey picked a mini dress that cut just above the mid-thigh region. The dress was made from a silk material and was form fitting to her curvature. The gown was decorated with pearl detailing, and she wore pearl jewelry to accompany as an accent. 

This look was much more daring than typical rehearsal dinner dresses. Do not feel pressured to spend too much on your rehearsal outfit as this can be a great way to cut down on costs!

Wedding Gown

For the official wedding ceremony, she wore a custom wedding dress that was made for her. The custom gown had a completely open back, making for a classic yet unexpected look. The most beloved aspect of this book was her extra-long veil that traveled all the way from the altar to the entranceway of the church. 

Veils can be tailored for any wedding venue. Work with your wedding event coordinator to come up with measurements for your venue, so that your designer can create a perfect bill for your specific location.


During the after-party, Hailey decided to dress more daringly. She wore a halter neck dress that was short enough to dance in while also being modest enough to wear around family and friends. This was a complete sequin dress, which shines in the night, especially when faced with flash photography. style dresses have been increasing in popularity, just make sure to wear the appropriate slip to provide comfort, and avoid scratching on the dance floor!

We hope this article helped get you excited about taking inspiration from some of our generation’s most beloved weddings. To curate your perfect look, be sure to check out the FanCDesigns collection today!  

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