Flats vs. Heels: Which Make the Best Wedding Shoes?

When considering what shoes to wear on your wedding day the dilemma of choosing between heels and flats is one that many brides face. Each style of shoe has its own advantages that make them appropriate for your wedding day. The following discussion may aid you in selecting your wedding-day shoes.


If you’re a bride who already wears heels, this might be the choice for your wedding day. Heels help you appear taller and maintain good posture on your wedding day. When considering wearing heels, you need to make sure that the shoes provide proper support. Consider the venue of your wedding and/or reception; heels might not be the best decision when you are outdoors, like in a field or on the beach. 

You want to make sure your feet are comfortable all day, because it will be a long day with lots of moving (take your heels off while at the reception dinner to give your feet a well-needed rest). Not all heels need to be high heels. A low heel might serve just as well, such as an Amelia or a Kitten heel.


Comfort should always come first when you’re looking at shoes for your wedding day. Flats are the shoes that will provide the most comfort and the most support for your feet. Just like with heels, you should wear your wedding day flats before your wedding day so they are broken in. Flats also make it easier to move and dance, which is another plus on your wedding day. 


Wearing both flats and heels is an option on your wedding day if the location and personal preference allows it. For an indoor ceremony, consider a heel because it will add height, and can make your legs look longer in photos. The reception is more relaxed and fun, so consider you might swap your heels out for flats before you start dancing.

Ultimately, the decision of flats or heels lies with you, the bride. But when it comes to finding the perfect dress, Fan C Designs can help. Contact us today to learn more or check out our collection.

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