Pros and Cons of Buying a Wedding Dress Online

When thinking about a dress for your wedding day, it can be challenging to make a decision between buying your dress from a store or online. There are different options to consider before making your decision. Here are some pros and cons of ordering a wedding dress online.

Pro: It’s More Cost Effective

A wedding is expensive, and when getting married, you want to control costs as much as possible. Online offers the option of browsing more stores simultaneously, and an online store generally won’t have the cost overhead of a brick and mortar store. Lower overhead may mean lower prices for comparable dresses from a brick-and-mortar store. 

Con: You Don’t Get To Try the Dress On Before Purchase

One primary reason for purchasing a dress from a store is  that you can try it on to confirm the style is appropriate for you, sizing, and you get the assistance of the in store consultant. When buying from a store, they generally have good relationships with local seamstresses who can perform alterations as needed.  

Pro: Buying Online Takes Less Time

Regardless of where you live, it takes time (and gas) to visit multiple shops to browse dresses. Online, you can browse multiple sites from the comfort of your home. You can even browse multiple designers at the same time. 

Con: There Might Be Too Many Options

However, having access to so many designers can lead to “designer overload,” where the number of dresses could be overwhelming. A retail store may also have a large selection, but the in-store consultant can help filter designs that might not work for you.

Pro: Physical Stores Might Have Limited Selection

Stores will push you towards a particular realtor, and may have a limited selection. If you’re just beginning your search, the online marketplace gives you access to multiple sites and designers. You can browse without pressure from a retailer until you have a style and designer in mind.  

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages, so it really just comes down to your priorities. One compromise is to look at a wedding retailer’s online store before visiting their in-store location so you have an idea of the dress you want, but you still have the chance to try it on. Check out our online bridal collection today to begin your search!

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