4 Wedding Dress Budget Tips

Wedding dresses can be a steep investment, so it’s important to make sure you have a realistic budget to stick to. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when budgeting for a wedding dress.

Think Of Your Total Wedding Budget

As always, before you start shopping for a wedding dress, you need to keep in mind your total wedding ensemble cost. Generally, the clothes along with accessories should be 10% of your overall wedding budget. If you’re willing to spend less on non-ensemble items such as flowers or music, you can consider paying more for your dress without going over your pre-determined ensemble budget.

Do Your Research Before You Shop

Doing research for your wedding dress is more than just looking at different styles. Call bridal shops to ask about their price range. This will ensure that your visit will be productive and you can focus on dresses within your budget. Consider which styles and materials are more expensive and where you can cut costs.

Look For Sales When Wedding Dress Shopping

If you have a more general style in mind for your wedding dress, consider sales. Sales may happen at the end of the season, when they’re trying to sell extra inventory, or when they have a sample sale. The best way to find out about a sale is to check social media accounts for the shop or call the store to ask. 

Make Room For Alterations

When looking at wedding dresses, consider any alterations in your overall budget. Alterations can be as simple as fixing a hem, while some can be more costly. In general, budget $400-$900 for any alterations even if using the in-house seamstress.

When budgeting for a wedding dress it is important to keep in mind your overall budget and be considerate in sharing the discussion with your fiancé. Check out our collection of wedding dresses to see if you can find a dress that’s right for you.

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