6 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Wedding Dress

Buying a wedding dress can easily be as overwhelming as it is exciting. There are fittings and budget considerations, plus confusing wedding dress jargon (bishop sleeves? An empire waist?) to boot! If you’re wondering what questions to ask as you search for your dream gown, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these 6 questions that will help take the stress out of wedding dress shopping:

  1. How Long Before the Wedding Should I Buy the Dress?

Getting the timing just right will make alterations and preparations much easier. It is usually recommended to buy your wedding dress 6-12 months before the big day. Make sure to get plenty of information from the store on any storage options that they might offer, as well as shipping, delivery, or pick-up expectations. This is especially important if you’re planning a destination wedding.

  1. What Are Your Wedding Dress Prices?

In the excitement of buying a wedding dress, it’s tempting to forget about your budget. However, looking only at what you can afford will make you happier in the long run. After all, stunning wedding dresses come in all price ranges and by a variety of designers. 

Before trying on a wedding gown, take the time to explore a store’s online catalog to get an idea of their prices and styles. You could also call and directly ask them the price range and designers that they carry. Your budget plays an essential role in your wedding plan. Don’t be afraid to also ask wedding shop staff about deposits and any added fees, such as appointment fees. If necessary, you could also ask about payment plans. 

  1. Who – and What – Should I Bring to My Appointment?

When you book an appointment to choose a wedding dress, you’ll want to consider any undergarments or shoes you might need to bring in order to really get an idea of your potential wedding day look. Some shops carry accessories that you can try on with your dress, but others do not. 

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Say Yes to the Dress, then you’re familiar with the tradition of bringing along family or close friends to offer up their advice and opinions for your wedding dress selections. Having your maid-of-honor or your mother-figure come with you to the appointment can make the experience even more meaningful, but you might want to steer clear of bringing every bridesmaid or relative with you to help choose. Some bridal shops only allow a certain number of guests. Plus, having too many opinions could make it more difficult to choose the dress you love. Most bridal experts recommend bringing no more than two or three people to the appointment. 

  1. What About Alterations and Fittings?

Alterations are an expected part of wedding dress shopping. Most brides will have at least a few fittings before the dress is ready to wear on the big day. Some stores will do their own in-house alterations, while others might recommend outside professionals. In-house alterations typically take less time than alterations by outside tailors. Of course the most important thing to consider is the experience of the person doing the alterations. Always make sure that they’ve had regular experience altering wedding gowns before handing over your dream dress.

  1. How Do I Care for the Dress?

Wedding dresses are extremely delicate. Ask your dress boutique for tips on drycleaning and wedding dress preservation. Most stores have a variety of referrals to make your plans easier. 

  1. Do You Have Any Dress Suggestions?

Bridal shop employees should be experienced in helping brides of all shapes and sizes to choose a dress. Talk with your sales person about your vision for your wedding. They could have recommendations for you that you haven’t considered!

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