5 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination

The honeymoon is a big part of your wedding journey, even if it happens sometime after your wedding. With the world at your fingertips, it can be challenging to plan your honeymoon based solely on your destination. Here are five tips to keep in mind when finding your perfect honeymoon destination. 

Take in the Culture of Your Honeymoon Location, Particularly the City

For a couple who wants to honeymoon in a big city with diverse cultures, immerse yourself in the life of that location. Book tickets to theaters and museums to get a full picture of the culture in the surrounding area. Restaurants are also a great option for foodies and non-foodies alike to take in the local cuisine. For those couples who want a unique experience, consider hiring a private tour guide or booking a walking tour of the city. 

Book an Outdoor Experience

National parks are the perfect place to check out if you’re into the outdoors. A honeymoon could be outdoors, such as camping, or glamping (glamorous camping), so why not consider the full outdoors experience. Hiking and biking trails are another great way to see the natural beauty of an area. Spending some time outdoors is also a great way to see wildlife local to that area and enjoy geographic highlights like waterfalls and mountains.

Consider All the Costs

While you might have gotten a good deal on airfare and hotel, this is only part of the cost of your honeymoon. Experiences such as entertainment tickets, restaurants, and walking and bus tours of the city add up. For the more outdoor couple, activities like park admissions, and additional camping or hiking gear will add to your cost. These costs can add up, so it is important to stick to your allotted budget. One way to stay within budget is to consider an all-inclusive, whether your destination is a Caribbean beach or a dude ranch in Montana.

If You Haven’t Picked Your Destination Yet…

If you are still undecided on a destination, do some armchair research. Read travel blogs and location reviews to see if it interests you and your spouse. Itineraries will also give some insight into costs and activities.  

Factor in the Weather

Consider the weather when planning your destination and timing. For example, if you’re thinking of that dude ranch in Montana, think hard about going in January. Likewise, Caribbean temperatures are moderate year-round, making it an excellent choice any time of year.   Talk with your partner and discuss a destination you both would enjoy for your honeymoon. Check out our wedding dress collection or our blog for other tips.

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