5 Color Trends For Your Summer Wedding In 2021

Wedding color trends change from year to year. With so many changes, it’s challenging to know what colors are popular this year and which ones are not. Fortunately, we at Fan C Designs are in the know. Here are five color trends for 2021:

Light Blue

This is the color of the sky and nature, making it a perfect choice for a summer wedding. Luckily, light blue is a simple color to use because it is versatile for any season and personal style. This color looks great on its own or paired with other light pastel colors for a complete look. If you need ideas for including this color into your wedding, consider silk bouquet or chair ribbons, colored glassware, and table flowers for the reception. 


You can combine lavender with other colors for a full effect on your wedding day. Consider pairing this color with pale yellow, bubblegum pink, and mint green for a fun and whimsical look. The easiest way to use lavender as a primary color is in your flower bouquets, centerpieces, and other arrangements. Another idea is to use lavender flowers on your cake or as a pressed flower. You can also pair lavender with another pastel purple as a complementary color palette.


Neutral is a broad term encompassing several colors that can be used as a palette, generally the earth tones. While they might seem minimalistic, these colors can still pack a punch. You can use earth tones as colors for bridesmaid dresses. When using neutrals, consider adding texture and other materials for an appealing look to the eye. While not traditionally neutral, black is also a splendid color to include for a more formal wedding.


Blush, a light pink is perfect for summer. Pairing a darker color like burgundy is a great way to add contrast to your summer wedding. You can use blush alone or a pairing for bridesmaid dresses, wedding cupcakes, and floral arrangements.


If you’re looking for a trendy color with pop, consider the color teal. This color is bright and perfect for summer. You can use teal for bridesmaid’s dresses, a wedding dessert such as the cake or cookies, or accessorizing the groom and groomsmen.With each year, there are a lot of different colors on-trend so consider this list as a jumping-off point for planning a summer wedding. Check out our collection and blog for more wedding tips.

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