Non-Traditional Wedding Looks For Men

The traditional black suit, white undershirt, and black tie is not your only option when it comes to dressing the groom and his lineup. Sure, it’s a classic. But what if you don’t want to go along with the traditional wedding choice? Have your men make a statement. Here are a few non-traditional wedding looks for the men in your bridal party…

Although it’s the bride’s day, the groom can still have a moment to stand out. 

Go Bold With a Fun Shirt Underneath.

White is classic but not when you want to stand out from the crowd. Instead of the basic white button-up, try a bold color or a bold pattern, one that still goes along with the wedding theme, of course. You could even make it floral! The bride isn’t the only one who might want flowers.

Fun Socks — They’re Part of the Outfit, Too!

Add some not-so-obvious fun to your outfit with fun socks. With a shorter pair of pants, the socks won’t steal the show completely but it will still add a little something special to your fit. 

Mismatched Blazer and Pants.

Who said the jacket and pants have to be the same color? With colors that only go along with the wedding theme, choose a colored bottom with a neutral colored top, or vice versa! 

Different Shades In One.

It’s all about different tones. Choose a lighter-toned jacket paired with darker-toned bottoms. It’s a little something different without totally going outside the box.

Sneakers – Just In Case You’ve Got to Run!

Not away from the bride, escaping with the bride after the reception! Adding sneakers to the formal suit and tie outfit add a sporty vibe to the look. Plus, it adds a level of comfort – you’re the one who has to wait for the bride at the altar.


Once again, choose a color that will pair well with the wedding’s color theme! Whether it’s blue, green, purple, maroon, etc, whatever color your heart desires! Choose a suit that color. A bold choice for a bold guy.

There are so many different variations you can with the looks above! Hopefully these gave you some ideas how the groom should stand out while he’s standing at the altar.

Whether you’re the groom, one of the groomsmen or going as a guest, you can choose any of these looks to avoid going the traditional suit and tie route. So many wedding traditions were started a long time ago. Those who were daring and broke the stereotypes are those who are remembered. Make your wedding memorable.

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