12 Popular Wedding Songs of 2021 For Your Wedding Playlist

We all know and love wedding classics by singers like Etta James and Frank Sinatra, but what about the more current love songs? If you’re planning a contemporary wedding, or if you’re just looking to mix up your playlist with the new and the old, then check out our list of some of the most popular wedding songs that have hit the airwaves in the last few years. These familiar tunes will have everyone, from the ceremony to the reception, dancing the night away:

Love Story (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift re-released this nostalgic song earlier this year, and it is every bit as magical and whimsical as we remember. Hearing Swift sing it now, with all the wisdom of a 31-year-old, gives the song an air of maturity alongside the youthful lyrics. 

Death Do Us Part by Nick Jonas 

Another 2021 gem, this song will sound incredible on the dance floor. “And we both just knew that it was right / Now you’re saving my life / From a friend to a lover to my wife,” Jonas sings on the track. Cue the waterworks. 

Sticky by The Maine

This alternative rock song is a fantastic 2021 release. With fast-paced lyrics about a summer time love — and a killer dance beat — this song is perfect for a post-wedding celebration. 

Anyone by Justin Bieber

If anyone knows how to sing a catchy love bop, it’s Justin Bieber. Fans of the artist will recognize the singer’s musical growth in this sweet song about never wanting to lose his beloved. A beautiful song for the dance floor, indeed. 

Ritmo by The Black Eyed Peas and J Balvin

This popular song is another dance hit. While Ritmo was released in 2019, it’s still a favorite for getting on the dance floor. 

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

This song hails from 2017, but its sincere, loving lyrics and romantic rhythm have made it a wedding day staple ever since its release. 

Follow You by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is a popular band, and this 2021 song about never leaving the one you love is meant for your big day. 

Levitating by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa released Levitating last year and it’s now one of the most popular songs to hear at weddings. This song manages to be playful and catchy, while still filled with meaning and heart. 

Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

Like some of the other songs on this list, Blinding Lights is just the right pace for a dance song. Of course, you’ll also appreciate the lyrics about a devoted love.

Lover by Taylor Swift

This 2019 release further solidifies that Taylor Swift is one of the queens of romance. Lover is soft, melodic, and complete ear candy. It’s no surprise that this tune is a wedding day favorite.

Missing Piece by Vance Joy

With lyrics like, “Because when I’m in a room with you / That missing piece is found / You know when you’re by my side, darling / Nothing can bring us down,” this 2021 song from Vance Joy is quickly showing up on wedding playlists.

Close to You by Dayglow

This 2021 release is light, airy, and sweetly romantic. There’s also a definite 1980s vibe to this song in keeping with current trends. It’ll sound great sandwiched between your favorite 80s and 90s classics. 

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