5 Wedding Dress Alteration Tips

Wedding dress alterations can be confusing for brides as they might not know what to expect. You need to think about several things as you prepare for your appointments. Here are five tips to ease the wedding alterations process. 

Wear All Undergarments and Accessories To Your Fittings

Every bride knows that the correct undergarments can change the look and appearance of a dress. In order to have the perfect fit for your wedding dress, everything you will be wearing on your wedding day should be brought to all appointments. Your wedding day shoes should be worn to make sure the hem of your dress is correct. For those that don’t yet have their wedding shoes take a pair with the same heel as your expected wedding shoes. While jewelry might not play as big a part in the fit, it can give you a peek at the finished look.  

Bring A Buddy To All Your Fitting Appointments

Whether this is a friend or a trusted family member, the experience will be better if you bring someone you know and trust along with you for support and opinion. Having someone you trust there can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, and can help document the experience with photos.

Confirm That the Bridal Salon Offers Alterations

When purchasing your dress, confirm that they offer alterations. If done at the salon, this will save time as you won’t need to find your own seamstress, and they will have experience with your dress or a similar style. If the salon doesn’t offer alterations, they can give you a recommendation of a reputable seamstress.   

Include Wedding Dress Alterations In Your Budget

When making a budget for your dress, make sure to include the costs for any alterations. While each bride may pay a different amount based on what is needed, alterations can run from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000.

Have Three Fitting Appointments

There is a reason that seamstresses doing alterations recommend the number three. The first fitting should be three months before the wedding; this will ensure that your dress can be altered in time. The second appointment should be booked one week before the wedding, just to make sure things are on track and nothing has changed and needs to be adjusted. Two weeks before the wedding, you should have a final dress fitting to make any final adjustments.

Keep these tips in mind as you enter the wedding dress alterations process. Check out our collection and our blog for more tips.

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