5 Ways To Get Your Wedding Guests On the Dance Floor

Music is one of the biggest elements to your wedding. We spend much of the reception on the dance floor. Follow these five tips to keep your guests on the dance floor for the night.

Let the Band or DJ Have Some Say in the Music

While most of the time you as the couple have laid out what you want your guests to hear, let the band or DJ switch up the set list depending on how the guests react. Supplying a “do not play” list will make sure the band or DJ knows what you don’t want played. Having the band or DJ that is in tune with the crowd is a great way to make sure people stay on the dance floor longer.

Take Requests in Advance

People love to dance to the songs they love. While it is the job of the DJ or band to help you pick songs, having your guests pick the music as well makes them feel included in the reception. Taking requests beforehand from your wedding website, or sending a card with the invitation, is the best way to make sure you know what your guests would like to hear and what they would likely dance to. Once you have the songs, you can pick what music you can share with your DJ or band.

Limit the Number of Slow Songs

Guests at a wedding reception love to party, and part of that party atmosphere is having up-tempo music on the playlist for the evening. Music pros recommend one to three slower songs for the reception because these songs don’t get people on the dance floor as much, particularly if your guest list is mostly singles. If keeping your guests on the dance floor is something key for you, consider taking this tip and keep the beat moving.

Consider the Size of the Dance Floor

One of the biggest things about keeping people on the dance floor is space. If the dance floor is too crowded, guests will leave it. As a counterpoint, if you have a large dance floor, it may be difficult to get people up and out there as they may feel self-conscious. A good rule to keep in mind is three feet of dance floor for every two guests. Ask your venue about making extra space for dancing if you feel this will not work for you. Likewise, have the venue shrink the dance floor if you have a smaller guest list.

Play Different Genres

This goes hand in hand with taking requests from your guests, but it is not recommended that you limit the music genre of your songs. Your guest list will include people of all ages and you want them to feel included. Consider adding songs and genres your guests will enjoy from classic pop standards to disco to club music to good old rock-and-roll,  even before they request the songs themselves.

Music at your wedding expresses you, and your tastes in music, but keep in mind what your guests want to hear, and what will get them on the dance floor. Still looking for the perfect wedding dress? Check out our bridal collection. 

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