Do’s and Don’ts For Plus Sized Brides When Bridal Shopping

Are you getting ready to choose your wedding dress but feeling nervous about your dress shopping experience as a plus sized bride? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind so you can have a perfect dress for a perfect day.

Do: Keep An Open Mind

The best way to find the right dress to make you feel beautiful is to try on lots of dresses first. You may end up surprising yourself with the dress you end up picking! It’s a great idea to check in with your stylist to see what they think might look great on your body. You can also check out plus size brides on Pinterest to see if you can find brides with similar builds to you to get an idea of what dresses to start with. 

That said, if there is a particular dress style that you want to try- give it a go! If a dress matches your personal style, there’s a great chance that you’ll look and feel great in it.

Don’t: Feel Like You Have To Wear A Particular Style

Many plus sized and curvy women feel like they have to wear particular styles of clothing in order to disguise their bodies. Many plus size brides feel the need to hide their arms or tummies. Instead of focusing on disguising your body, consider trying to choose a dress that you feel highlights your best features. This is a great way to find a dress that makes you feel beautiful instead of “just okay.” If you find your dream dress but want more coverage, a seamstress can add sleeves to most dresses. Another option is to choose a pretty bolero or cover up to give you more options.

Do: Call Ahead

If you plan to try on dresses in person, call ahead and talk to a sales clerk about what they have available for you to try on. Most physical dress stores will have a few sample sizes for brides to try on — meaning that most brides probably won’t be trying on a dress that is their actual size. Many won’t be able to fasten the back of the dress, or a consultant will have to use clips to make the dress fall correctly. That said, these samples may not be plus size friendly, and if the samples are all much too small, you may have a hard time finding dresses to try on. Check in and see what samples they have in your sizes, or a size close to yours to make sure you have a good experience.

Don’t Be Discouraged If Things Don’t Fit Off The Rack

Most wedding dresses will require alterations. This isn’t an experience that is unique to plus sized brides. Your dress may need altered in the back, have the bust altered, or the hem changed. Typically when you purchase a wedding gown, it’s best to purchase it so it will fit the widest part of your body and the rest of the dress will be taken in so it hugs you perfectly! This may cause you to have to choose a dress that is larger than you expected, especially because wedding dress sizing tends to run smaller than street sizing. Don’t focus on the number and just focus on getting an amazing fit!

Do: Bring Positive People

Many brides will bring their family or bridesmaid with them to try on dresses.This can be a hard lesson to take because you love your friends and family, but not all of your loved ones are great to bring with you when you’re trying on dresses. Sometimes our loved ones are less than body positive or will be focused on hiding your flaws or encouraging you to change your body before your big day. These aren’t the people to bring with you to your dress fitting — focus on bringing positive people who will help you love your dress and your body.

Often it seems as though the wedding dress industry isn’t designed for plus sized brides, but if you find a dressmaker that keeps plus sized brides in mind, you’re sure to find your perfect dress. Check out Fan C Design’s specific line of curvy bride dresses to find your dream gown.

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