Wedding Reception Lighting Ideas

Wedding reception lighting is something that can enhance your reception. Here are fixtures and ideas that can bring some sparkle to your wedding reception.


Guests will love commenting on your gobo lighting all evening. A gobo is a light designed with a metal or glass enclosure that will project an image. Gobos are available in standard designs like bride and groom, rings, “Just Married,” etc. You can also order customized gobo’s with your initials, names, your monogram, for projection onto a wall or another spot at the venue.


This style of lighting is used as a focal point on a specific section of your reception. It can highlight a tall centerpiece or the wedding cake. A pinspot beam is only a few inches in diameter, so will highlight something special. A color filter can be added to a pinspot to provide a more dramatic effect.

LED Fixtures

The newest technology in lighting is LED lighting, a fixture that includes LED’s of different colors (like red, green, and blue). This fixture is more expensive than traditional incandescent lights, but they allow you a way to add changing colors to your wedding reception. LED fixtures can be designed in custom colors. LED lighting is available in spot and flood styles, allowing you to wash walls, ceilings and the dance floor with color. If your wedding reception is outdoors, this is a great way to add some color all around the tent.


This style of lighting, let’s you add some additional flair to your reception venue. LED or traditional lights can be used. As its name implies, uplighting places fixtures on the floor along walls or other architectural features with the light shining upwards, highlighting the venue and providing ambiance. LED uplights are available battery powered and are especially useful for outdoor venues where power might be available.  

Wedding Reception lighting is something that should be discussed between you and your partner so both of you can have input on fixtures and color. Check out our bridal collection for your perfect dress.

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