5 Tips to Make a Good Impression on the First Date

Going on a first date can be intimidating.  You’re not sure how to “break the ice” and make a good first impression. Here are five tips to help you on that first date. 

Just Be Yourself

Some people might be scared to be themselves on a first date, because you’re not sure how your date will react to the real you. But if you want to possibly pursue a relationship with someone, it’s a good idea to start off with sincerity. It’s okay to talk about yourself and your goals(but it’s also okay to not reveal too much on a first date). Just be sure to ask your date to talk about themselves as well.

Be. On. Time. 

Don’t be late for the first date. Creating a good first impression is important. Being late only complicates the rest of the evening. Dinner, show, or other entertainment reservations could be impacted. And an awkward first date could mean less chance of a second date.

Do Some Research on Your Date Beforehand

While it’s okay to go into a date not knowing anything about the other person, today there are ways to be informed before you meet in person. You don’t need to do a deep dive, and it’s never a good idea to look into past relationships, but learning something about them is a good idea.  Particularly for women, doing a little social media detective work is important so that you will feel safe on your date. Doing a little research may also uncover common interests that can be a perfect conversation starter. 

Be A Good Listener 

While this may seem straightforward, make sure you are a good listener. This means not monopolizing the conversation, but asking questions or soliciting comments and really listening to what your date has to say. 

Go In With Topics To Keep The Conversation Going

Nobody likes it when a conversation comes to a halt, and especially on  a first date it can be a bit awkward. Come to the date prepared to talk about things that you enjoy, and be ready to shift to the next topic if you feel the conversation is stalling (see above about research). 

Travel is a great topic to include as it may uncover common places you have visited, and spark the conversion to the highs and lows of your visits.  Favorite things such as books, movies, tv shows, games, and hobbies is another way to  keep the date interesting and allow you to find some common ground. Should the conversation stall, you can always talk about the weather. 

In this world of dating, it can be a challenge to navigate a first date. Use these tips as a guide, and be yourself. Check out our blog for more tips including  how long should you date before getting married. 

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