5 Things To Discuss Before Moving In Together

Couples today are moving in together for a variety of different reasons. Some might think of marriage as the next step, while others might see it as more of convenience of circumstance. Here are five tips to consider before moving in together. 

Discuss The Reasoning For Moving In Together 

Having an open discussion about the reasons you want to move in together is one of the first things you must do. For some couples, moving in together might be  a step in the direction of marriage, while others may see it as a way to address some circumstances like sharing rent, expenses, etc. Openly talk with your partner about the reasons you’re moving in together, financial or otherwise, just to make sure you’re both in agreement. 

Talk About Finances

One of the biggest discussions to have before moving in together will be how to  handle your finances. Are you going to be one of those couples who will maintain separate accounts, or will there be a joint account for those joint expenses? If separate accounts, then agree on how joint expenses will be paid for. Finally, regardless of how expenses will be managed, make sure you agree on your monthly joint budget.  

Discuss The Expectations 

Talking about what you want and what your partner wants before you move in together is something that needs to happen before the move. One thing you want to avoid is having your expectations for the relationship differ significantly from your partner. If so, you want to clear it up before it’s too late. If you can’t agree on mutual expectations, then moving in together may not be the best thing for you.

Divide Up The Household Chores

In addition to agreeing on financial responsibilities, you need to agree on some of the more mundane aspects like household chores. Agree on things like who pays the bills, takes out the trash, empties  the  dishwasher, etc. Knowing who does what will keep the house humming and your relationship less stressful. Whatever agreement you decide, a helpful tool may be preparing a chart or worklist.  And lastly, if things aren’t working out or need to change for whatever reason, be sure to talk to your partner and agree on what needs to change. 

Reflect And Talk About How You Handle Stress

Moving in with someone is a big step, and as a result you and your partner will run a range of emotions.  Stress in any relationship whether living together or not is inevitable. How you and your partner handle stress can make the situation resolvable or more distressing.  Discussing how you handle  stress as well as how your partner handles stress will be key to resolving issues as they arise.  There will be arguments, so it’s best to know how each of you respond so you can come to a mutual solution. 

Consider these tips as things to talk about before you make plans to move in together. Check out our collection and our blog for more tips including: Are You Ready To Propose?

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