5 Engagement Party Ideas

If you are getting married or are in charge of giving your bestie bride the most magical engagement celebration, you’ve come to the right place! Engagement parties can easily become frivolous and expensive, losing the real meaning of getting all of the bride’s closest friends and family together — to celebrate HER!

In this article, we will share 5 engagement party ideas that are sure to add a dash of uniqueness and represent the individual taste of the bride and groom. 

1. Outdoor Tea Party

When it comes to throwing an engagement party, or any large gathering for that matter, hosting your event outdoors is truly tip number one! By keeping all of your guests in an outdoor setting, you will avoid making a mess of the home or event area, while also abiding by any lingering COVID-19 guidelines. The cleanup will be a breeze and everyone will have enough space to mingle and move around, without feeling cramped into an event hall or ballroom. 

Outdoor tea parties are the perfect theme for an engagement party, as they are elegant and do not require a lot of food prep. Simply offer your guests teas, cookies, small sandwiches, and other miniature-sized bites for enjoyment. You can get as creative with the decorations as you please! 

2. Family Barbeque and Potluck!

For the bride that doesn’t enjoy cooking, hosting a barbeque potluck is a great idea. Encourage your guests to bring a crockpot of their favorite barbecue items to share with each other. The preparation and cleanup will be a breeze, as this event can also be hosted outside!

3. Ode to The Decades

For a fun theme that can double as an excuse to spice up your dress code, host an ode to the decade’s engagement party to celebrate your bride and groom. With the 70s and 80s-themed decor, music, outfits, and food, you are sure to encourage your guests to bring the party. This event can also be thrown within budget, as many party stores offer decrease-themed decor and party supplies! 

4. Petting Zoo/Animal Adoption Theme

If the couple of honor share a love for animals, hosting an adoption-themed engagement party can help celebrate this passion while also promoting housing for animals in need. By partnering with an animal shelter, you can bring dogs, cats, and animals of all kinds to your home for an adoption-themed event. Not only will each guest get the chance to spend an afternoon surrounded by cute animals, but a pet might just find their forever home, too! 

5. Scavenger Hunt 

For couples who love to embrace adventure and want their guests to do the same, hosting a scavenger hunt themed engagement party is a great idea to get the group up and moving. To stay on theme, make each of the scavenger hunt questions related to the bride and groom’s favorite places, activities, foods, and inside jokes! Each guest will leave learning something new about the couple, which is a great way to build up to the wedding-day celebration. 

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