5 Wedding Champagne Ideas

When looking at the different champagnes to use for your wedding, it can be challenging to know which options are right for you. With a variety of champagne types, each with their own unique flavor,  it can be tough to settle on a selection for your wedding. Here are five champagnes that would work well for a wedding. 

Champagne Brut

This french sparkling wine is known as classically “dry,” meaning that it’s not too sweet. This is the most common type of champagne. The combination of sugar and acidity make this a great champagne to pair with food. White and Rosé are the two styles you will find available for Champagne Brut. 

Extra Dry

Not to be confused by the name, this champagne is actually sweeter than a brut, putting it in about the middle of the sweetness scale (champagne is classified by the sweetness or the amount of sugar added; the sweetest champagne is known as demi-sec).  

Extra dry champagne is usually made by blending Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. This champagne has fruity and a slightly sweet taste on the pallet. It could be a fantastic choice for your wedding because it pairs well with cheese, seafood, and cream sauce dishes. 


For a very special celebration or toast, consider a bottle of vintage champagne. From a price standpoint, vintage will be the one of the expensive champagnes you buy for your wedding. It is called vintage because the grapes are harvested in a single harvest of the same year, which will be shown on the bottle.  

If you’re looking for food recommendations for this style of champagne, it will depend on the taste profile of the year vinted. Consult the sommelier at the venue. In order to be called a vintage champagne, the champagne needs to have been aged for at least three years. 

Blanc De Blancs

Translating to “white of whites,” only white grapes are used to make this champagne as opposed to the traditional blend of both Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir which are red grapes. Chardonnay grapes give this champagne a light and fresh flavor. This is another fantastic choice for your wedding because it pairs well with seafood. When drinking a Blanc De Blanc, you may also taste  creamy notes of nuts, or brioche. 

Rosé Champagne

An interesting style of brut champagne is Rosé. Its unique style of vinification gives it  a pink color ranging from deep red to salmon. This champagne is known for having a fruity flavor, and will leave you with notes of berries when finished. Heavier meat dishes or dessert pair well with a champagne Rosé. 

Use this list as a guide as you try and find the champagnes that would work for you. Try a variety, and see what you like, and what would pair well with the rest of your meal. As noted above, the sommelier at your reception venue will be a good guide in selecting chapmagnes for your menu.  Check out our collection and blog for more tips including 4 creative wedding cocktails

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