2023 Engagement and Wedding Ring Trends

Engagement and wedding ring trends change from year to year, and it can be challenging to know what trends will be popular as you make your selections. In 2023, we are seeing trends that break the traditional norms, and offer a way to add your personality to your engagement. Here are five wedding band trends in 2023.

Colored Stones

Traditionally, engagement rings featured diamonds. In 2023, however, we are seeing brides substituting colored stones such as emeralds for the traditional diamond. This trend is due in part to celebrities having them, and brides liking the look. 

Emeralds are popular because of their soft green color and are more subtle than a bolder colored stone like a ruby or a sapphire.  This trend is also a way to incorporate more of your personality into your engagement band. Consider a ring with a colored stone to add a more modern look.  

Multiple Stones

Another non-traditional look for engagement rings is using multiple stones of various shapes and sizes to complement the traditional diamond. Rings of this style include stones that are purposely off center as a part of the look. With a multi stone ring, there is also the opportunity to use multiple diamonds and/or colored stones for a more unique look.

Different Metals

For men, metals such as titanium or tantalum are a change from the traditional wedding ring as well. While platinum and gold are still popular, rings of this style offer a bold and unique look if this is something you want. Rings of this style for men are available in different finishes such as matte, brushed, or polished, and in varying widths.

Stackable Wedding Rings

Another option for a modern look is stackable rings. This trend uses more than one ring for a more diverse look.  Stackable rings are a way to add your own style and personality to your wedding ring. Rings of this style trend come in various sizes, colors, and cuts, so you really can create the look that best expresses what you want. Consider this trend of nesting rings together  if you want a look that is  truly personal to you.  

Inspiration From Nature

In today’s hectic world, some people are doing what they can to stay in touch with nature. This trend follows into wedding rings such as using a flower design to replace the traditional diamond.  More intricate designs include adding vines or leaves to the design of the band.  When considering the 2023 trends, find one that works for you, and one that you feel works best for your partner. Use this blog as a starting point to help you with your research. Check out Fan C Design’s collection of wedding dresses and blog for more tips including tips for finding engagement rings.

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