Making the Wedding Special For the Mother of the Bride

When it comes to weddings, there is only one person more excited than the bride and groom for the special day — and that is the mother of the bride! This is an important milestone for any mother, as giving away her daughter is a big step in raising children. As such, it is crucial to make the mother of the bride feel special and celebrated on the wedding day of her child. 

In this article, we will explore unique ways to celebrate the mother of the bride during the wedding process!

Include Her In The Planning Process

When going about the planning process, every bride needs all the help she can get. Rely on the one person who knows you better than anyone (other than the groom, of course!) to help plan and coordinate every detail leading up to the wedding day. Not only is it helpful to have the extra support, but including her in the planning process will make her feel appreciated and like her opinion on the celebration matters

Shop For The Dress Together!

When booking wedding dress consultations at salons and boutiques, brides are often asked if they will be bringing anyone from the bridal party to give their opinion and help the bride choose her dream dress. Be sure to include the mother of the bride on this list! Again, this will make her feel included and ensure that her opinion matters every step of the way. Plus, this is one of the most fun events when wedding planning! At FanCDesigns, it is certainly our favorite part. 

Custom Gifts

It is common for brides and grooms to gift their wedding parties a special token of appreciation for playing an important role in their special day. Instead of gifting the mother of the bride the same present as everyone else, help her stand out by choosing a custom gift. Something monogrammed, unique, or personal to her relationship with her daughter should do the trick! 

Include Her in The Ceremony

As it is tradition for the bride’s father to walk her down the aisle during the ceremony, this can leave the mother of the bride longing for a special part of the day. Consider including her in the ceremony by allowing her to walk down the aisle and stand with the bridal party during the ceremony. This will allow her to play a special role in the day and have a first-class view during the event! 

Mother-Daughter Dance

Don’t underestimate the importance of a mother-daughter dance! Instead of only having a father-daughter dance at the wedding after-party, allow the father of the bride to hand his daughter off to the mother halfway through the song. This will allow her to enjoy time in the spotlight and share a special moment with her child! 

A Toast Given For Her

Another great way to celebrate the mother of the bride during the wedding is to task one of the bridesmaids with giving a short speech or toast about her. Choose a childhood friend or close family member to say a few words or include her in a speech, to help her feel included and appreciated for everything she has done when raising her daughter. 

We hope this article helped spark your creativity when it comes to finding ways to include the mother of the bride in the wedding ceremony! For beautiful gowns, helpful content, and all things wedding, check out the rest of the FanCDesigns blog!

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