7 Wedding Veil Styles To Compliment Your Dress

As a bride, there are a slew of details you have to focus on leading up to your special day. From organizing the venue to choosing bridesmaids, every little detail matters! For most brides, choosing their wedding gown is the most important step in coordinating their look. 

However, choosing a veil to compliment their dress is the icing on the cake that truly completes the look! This is a key aspect that is often overlooked. Let’s take a peek at 7 of the most popular wedding veil styles to compliment your dress. 

Cathedral Veil

The first and most classic veil we will be exploring in this article is the cathedral veil. This veil is known for its long train and traditional lace detail. These veils are usually worn in churches and religious venues during weddings. So, if you are getting married in a place of religion, explore if this veil is expected of you during the ceremony!  

Blusher Veil

A blusher veil is known for its medium-length stacked style. This is a layered lace veil that adds a bit of volume and height to a dress. If you are someone who is opting for a more simplistic wedding gown, a blusher veil can help you enhance the look with an element of pizzaz! 

Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil can be one of the most customizable styles on this list. As the name suggests, birdcage veils cover the front of the bride’s face in a wide-square lace array. To customize this veil and make it tailored to the look of the gown, you can add pearls, jewels, or additional pieces of fabric to tie the look together! 

Fingertip Veil

A fingertip veil is a bit longer than medium-length. This type of veil is made to land right at the bride’s fingertips. This is a great veil for brides getting married outdoors, as the veil is not full-length trapping additional heat. If your dress has a long train, this kind of veil is a great way to ensure the gown does not interfere with the dress!

Cascade Veil

Cascading veils are perfect for brides who want a cascading look falling near their faces. This veil is a great addition to photos, as it compliments the face and neck beautifully! This veil is perfect for any type of dress. 

Drop Veil

Drop veils are usually called “circle veils”. They are typically made of one circular piece of tulle that drapes around the bride’s head. It is a comfortable and classic look for any bride!  

Juliet Cap Veil

Juliet cap veils are the perfect addition to any gown. They offer a modern look, combining a hat and a veil all into one. For brides who are worried about mastering their dream hairstyle or those hosting an outdoor ceremony, juliet cap veils can be the perfect addition! 

We hope this blog helped to give you new ideas for choosing the perfect veil to complement your wedding dress. To shop our wide collection of gowns, check out the FanCDesigns collection today!

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