5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

Between finding a venue, organizing catering, sending invitations, and coordinating the ins and outs of hosting the biggest event of your life, the cost of a wedding can certainly start to climb. It helps to find ways to save money where you can, including on your wedding dress. 

Lucky for you, FanCDesigns knows that brides are looking for a dress that will make them feel beautiful, without having to pay an arm and a leg. In this article, we will explore 5 ways to save money on your wedding dress, for brides that are looking to stay affordable yet fabulous!

Set a Solid Budget

First and foremost, set a solid budget for yourself and anyone who you are bringing dress shopping along with you. Be sure that your wedding party is aware of your budget so that they do not pressure you into trying on or considering dresses that will set you back in other aspects of your special day. 

Talking about finances with close family and friends, especially those who want you to have the best, can be difficult. However, it is an important step in coming into your own as a bride! Plus, finding something affordable can go hand in hand with finding the dress of your dreams — these two things aren’t mutually exclusive!

Shop Sales and During Non-Popular Season Times

A pro tip for finding affordable wedding dresses is by shopping sales and looking at bridal stores during the off-season. This can help you find the best prices available. Stop by your local bridal shop or look online to find out when the most popular times are for weddings in your area. This can help you inform your decision of when to start shopping for a dress! 

Choose More Simple Designs

Choosing classic yet simple designs when shopping for your wedding dress can help keep the cost of your gown low. Dresses with additional fabric such as lace or satin tend to run a higher price tag than those that opt for a more sleek design. The same goes for additions such as jewels and pearls, as these usually need to be sewn on individually one by one. Talk to your dress consultant and be honest about what you want and how your galls can best align with your budget! 

Be Mindful of Alterations

Another aspect of buying a wedding dress that can add up unexpectedly is alterations. It is very unlikely that you will purchase a gown right off the shelves that fit your buddy perfectly. Everyone is built differently and wedding dresses are designed to be altered to fit the bride! However, there are some tailors that charge more for alterations than others. Be mindful of this when choosing where to get your dress alterations!

Choose Affordable Shoes and Accessories

If you want to spend a little more on your wedding dress, try to cut back on areas such as shoes and accessories to help balance out the overall price of your wedding day look. Shoes, bags, jewelry, hair, and makeup, can all be budgeted for in order for you to stay within your designated spending bracket. Life is all about balance, especially as a bride!

We hope this article helps you come up with new and creative ways to save money on your wedding dress! For affordable, classic, and chic options, be sure to shop FanCDesigns collection! 

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