4 Tips For Buying Engagement Rings

With springtime comes engagement season, and you know what that means! Jewelry stores will soon be flooded with couples trying to pick out the perfect engagement ring. When it comes to jewelry, especially pieces that you wear every day, choosing the perfect item can be daunting. 

Jewelry stores have a variety of different engagement ring types and styles for brides of all kinds. In this article, we will explore top tips for purchasing engagement rings and what you need to know before stepping into the jewelry store. 

Get To Know Ring Shapes

Before starting your engagement ring-buying journey, it is important to get to know the different ring shapes that are available to you. Knowing your preference for a ring style will help you choose the best jewelry store for that particular make. Below, we have listed a few of the most common ring shapes that brides choose from when shopping for engagement rings. 


Oval rings have been all the rage in the past couple of years. This is because their shape gives the illusion of a bigger diamond, and they sit comfortably on the hand for day-to-day wear. Oval-cut diamonds are less likely to get caught on clothing such as sweaters and thinner t-shirts when trying to get dressed or maneuver about the day. 


Pear-shaped diamonds are perfect for the bride who wants to think a bit outside of the box and have a ring that is uniquely her. Pear-shaped diamonds are rounded at the bottom and come to a tip at the top of the ring. When choosing a pear-shaped diamond, keep in mind that the band will be more visible, so be sure to choose one that you will be happy with long term. 


Round rings are the perfect classic style ring for brides who want to keep things more traditional. Round diamonds can even be accompanied by a Halo, which is a ring of smaller cut diamonds surrounding the big gem. Rings with Halos give the illusion of a bigger diamond and can add an extra touch of sparkle and shine. 


Cushion-style rings are a rounded square shape that is known for sitting comfortably on the hand. Cushion diamonds can also be accompanied by halo for a more extravagant look. 

Decide on a Budget Before You Shop

Now that you have chosen what style diamond you are searching for, it is time to decide on a budget. Having an open and transparent conversation with your partner about your expectations for an engagement ring budget is an important part of creating a trusting foundation for marriage. 

Talking about finances can be tricky, especially with someone you love and want to commit to. For some brides, having an extravagant engagement ring is extremely sentimental and something that means a great deal to them. For others, they would rather opt for a smaller diamond or moissanite ring so that they can invest money into things like property or vacations. 

Know If You Want Silver or Gold

Once you have decided on a price range, you’ll want to decide if you want a silver or gold band. This will be one of the first questions that your Jeweler asks you upon entering the engagement ring store. So, it is important to think about this before stepping into your appointment. Typically, silver rings are less expensive than gold ones, so if you are aiming for a lower budget, silver might be the best option for you. 

Get Insurance and Proper Protection 

As with all big purchases, it is important to protect your investment through insurance. You can either purchase insurance through your jeweler or outsource your insurance plan through an external jewelry site. This will help give you peace of mind that your investment is protected if something happens to the ring. 

We hope this article helped you better understand the importance of planning and researching what you want in an engagement ring prior to stepping foot in the jeweler’s. For more helpful love, marriage, and dating content, check out the rest of our blog or to find the perfect wedding dress for your big day, shop our collection.

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