What Gift Should You Bring to a Bridal Shower

Are you attending a bridal shower for a close family member or friend? Finding the perfect bridal shower gift doesn’t have to be a challenge. It may seem like your options are limited, and your bride-to-be is at risk of receiving multiples of the same item. In this article, we will explore what gifts you should bring to a bridal shower to show the future bride-to-be how much you care! 

Ask Your Bride to Make a Registry! 

Before heading out on your shopping adventure, ask your bride to make a registry. Registries are a great way to make sure that guests do not double up on common gift items. Registries will also ensure that your bride does not receive any presents that she either already has or does not want. Try creating a landing page through a registry website to make it easy for your bride to add potential gift items to the list! 

Cute Sleepwear

Cute sleepwear is a great gift for any bride-to-be. Try shopping for sets that will make your bride feel special the night before her big day. Items like satin collared shirts and matching shorts, slippers, fuzzy headbands, and robes, can make a great bridal shower gift that is both thoughtful and practical. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Lingerie

Nothing screams a bridal shower quite like a luxurious piece of lingerie. To help make your bride-to-be feel her very best, purchase a fun piece of lingerie for her to wear. As a bonus, you can even choose matching items for the groom! Purchasing a session for a boudoir photo shoot is another great idea to help push your gift to the next level. 

Pick Up Some Nice Booze

Weddings are all about embracing celebration, which is why you should never underestimate the gesture of purchasing a nice bottle of champagne or wine for your bride-to-be. You can either pop the special bottle at the bridal shower or encourage her to save it for her wedding night! After all of the wedding planning and preparation, she will appreciate it when unwinding (trust us)! 

Choose Something Sentimental to The Bride’s Relationship 

If you have been a close friend of the bride and groom, consider purchasing something sentimental that represents their relationship. For example, you can get a piece of memorabilia from the location where they met or first lived together. You can also purchase a framed photo from their engagement shoot, or commission an artist to paint a canvas for their home. 

Hire a Photographer 

The bride will likely want to put her phone away and enjoy her bridal shower by living in the moment. One of the best gifts you can give her to help her commemorate this special moment is a photographer to capture the love and laughter that surrounds her prior to her wedding day. Photographers can be hired at an hourly rate and make a great gift for the bride who loves to document every moment! 

We hope this article helped you discover new and unique ideas that can help your gift stand out from the crowd at your next bridal shower. For more helpful tips and advice on all things love, marriage, and relationships, visit the FanCDesigns blog today! 

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