Minimalist Wedding Dress Styles Offered By Fan C Designs

Brides today are looking to have a minimalist wedding dress because it gives other elements of their ensemble a chance to shine.  As a rule, a minimalist or simple wedding dress style is one that has clean lines, and few very embellishments to the gown. Here are five minimalist wedding dress styles available from FanCDesigns.


A comfortable style that is simple, yet can be embellished as a bride may desire.  Gowns in the A-line style will have a fitted waistline and have a flared skirt. Dresses of this style can be a “blank canvas” allowing you to accessorize to reflect your own personality. Traditional A-line styles can also be tailored to give you a classic romantic look. Don’t worry about the time of year you get married, because A-Line dresses are available in different sleeve lengths, and a shawl or cover can always be added.   


Dresses of this modern style are fitted at the top flowing into a full skirt mimicking the tail of a mermaid. This classic style has a whimsical and romantic vibe for your wedding day.  You can accessorize or you can simply let the dress speak for itself.  Straps or strapless variations can be found in this style. 


Drawing from the classic styles, the ballgown is the perfect style for a fairytale inspired wedding dress. The ballgown will have a full skirt and little embellishments for a minimalist look. Of course, you can always add details as you like. Ballgowns have a fitted top flowing into a long skirt. Fit and flair is a term used to describe this style due to the accented waist. 


Another classic style for the modern bride is strapless, which as the style implies leaves your shoulders bare. Strapless gowns include A-line, mermaid and ball gown designs. If a strapless design doesn’t work for your ceremony, consider a strapless dress as an alternate for your reception should you want a change.

Off The Shoulder/One Shoulder

This design style was originally introduced for an earlier season but became so popular it has endured to all seasons today. One-shoulder gowns offer both minimalism and a classic look. Minimalist gowns are a way to incorporate your personal style into your wedding look. Fan C Designs offers several options for minimalist wedding gowns. Check out our collection today.

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