Should You Buy Your Wedding Dress Online? Pros and Cons

With the popularity of online shopping, many brides may consider shopping and purchasing their wedding dress online. Online retailers  can provide a virtual shopping experience similar to what you may get shopping at a traditional brick and mortar salon. Here are five pros and cons should you consider purchasing your wedding dress online.

Pro: Save Money on Your Purchase

Weddings are expensive, and brides are looking for ways to save money without affecting their overall wedding experience. Dresses online may be less expensive even when you factor in shipping costs. It’s easy to compare dress prices online so you can find something in your budget.  When you shop traditionally and you find a dress you like, consider searching for that same dress online to compare its price.

Con: Dress Might Not Be What You What Expecting

One of the biggest cons of purchasing your wedding dress online is not getting what you think you ordered. The dress may look totally different than the pictures online. Likewise, gown manufacturers sizing is not standard, so the size you would normally wear may not fit when it arrives.  Obviously  shopping at a traditional bridal salon gives you the opportunity to see, examine, and try on your potential wedding dress.

Pro: An Abundance of Options

If you’re someone who hasn’t decided on particulars yet and wants to see the best variety of styles with varying price points, then the online stores may be an ideal way to start your search. Tip: as you search, open a new tab with each online store so you can easily tab back and forth to compare similar dresses from the different online stores. With this approach, it may help you focus on a style as you compare different online stores.

Con: An Overwhelm of Options

The internet is filled with an abundance of online stores and marketplaces for wedding dresses. While at first this may seem a good resource, if you’re not careful it can soon become overwhelming. To make best use of online shopping, have a good idea of the style and price point you’re looking for. Use the filters or search box to help narrow your selections.   

Pro: Less Fuel Costs

With fuel costs close to record highs, shopping online will obviously save gas.  You can visit many online stores from the comfort of your home. Tip: some traditional stores all have an online catalog research online to find the dresses of particular interests, plan your visit to those salons, saving time and money.  

Consider these tips if you’re thinking about purchasing your wedding dress online. There are many options and websites for you to peruse. Check out our online bridal collection to find your perfect wedding gown today.

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