What Color Should I Use For the Wedding Based on the Season?

Wedding colors are a necessary discussion topic when couples get married. Color, like fabric and location, can be tied to the season you’re getting married. Here are popular 2022 wedding color combinations based on the season.  

What Is a Wedding Color Pallet?

Wedding color pallets, sometimes called a wedding color scheme or a color combination, are the colors that you will use to make your wedding as personal as you would like. Everything from the cake decoration, flowers, and wedding invitations will use your color pallet. Focus on a color pallet that will personalize what you and your spouse envisioned for your special day.

A Summer Wedding

In the summer, couples have more outdoor weddings and receptions, and the colors need to work well with this natural setting. A color combination of marigold yellow, navy blue, and slate gray are popular colors for a summer wedding this year. This color combination will work well in a variety of locations, indoors or out. 

Yellow flowers such as yellow roses, daffodils, or gerbera daisies in a navy blue vase are the perfect touch for your wedding day reception table. Another combination is forest green, white, and gold which would go fantastic in an outdoor setting. A rustic setting, such as a barn or a farm, would also be a great setting for this color combination.  

A Fall Wedding 

Orange, Red, and Green are classic combinations that work well for this season. Rose gold, burgundy, and oatmeal beige is another color pallet combo that works great for more upscale venues — such as a historical estate, grand ballroom, or museum.

Rose Gold items such as vases, table runners, and candles look fantastic when paired with assorted burgundy décor and beige accents. Plum, gray, copper, and dusty rose is a classic combination with a modern twist for your wedding day. Use a vintage venue for this color combination

A Winter Wedding 

Icy blues, romantic berry reds, and hunter greens are a great starting point for colors for a winter wedding. One color combo idea is silver, ice blue, frost white, and metallic gray. A siiver color pallet gives the look of stark frostiness, while ice blue, white, and gray add to the snowy calmness of the season. Emerald Green, garnet red, and snowy white take cues from the colors of the season with this classic holiday color combination.

A Spring Wedding 

Spring is a time of restart where all the flowers and plants begin to bloom. Rose Quartz, Dusty Blue, Light Pink, and Cream is a classic color combination. A garden venue would bring out the color of dusty blue wonderfully. If you’ve selected for your venue a country club or resort, royal blue, champagne, cream rose, and mauve are colors that will work well in these settings. Royal Blue and mauve are classic colors, and champagne and cream rose to add a modern touch to create a unique combination.

Colors and color combinations are something that should be discussed between you and your partner before making a final decision. Check out our website to see our collection and our blog for more wedding tips such as the best colors for your wedding theme.

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