Adding Romance Back Into Your Marriage

After many years of marriage, it is normal for the spark that was once there between you two to fade. However, it is extremely important that you put in time and effort to make your partner feel valued in order to maintain a healthy relationship. This is easier said than done, especially if you and your partner have very busy schedules! In this article, we will explore how to add romance back into your marriage, even if you have been together for many years.

Make Date Night a Priority 

When is the last time you and your partner enjoyed a special date night? We’re not just talking about ordering takeout and sitting on the couch together! Date night should be planned for,  thought out, and requires some prior preparation. Start off slow and try to schedule a date night for once a month. Pick an activity that both you and your partner enjoy! Try to add some variation into date night, in order to keep things interesting. For example, try to experience new things together; such as rock climbing, karaoke nights, going to a comedy show or trying a completely new type of cuisine. 

Be More Inquisitive About Your Partner 

Even if you have been married for a long period of time, it is likely that there are still some things you do not know about your partner. Try to date your partner again and be more inquisitive about their life. Whether it be truly diving into a work issue, asking questions and showing interest in their family history, or simply taking time to truly listen, being inquisitive is a great way to show you care. 

Ask Your Partner What They Want 

Adding romance back into your marriage is a team effort. However, it is important to ask your partner what they are looking for as a final outcome. Keep an open line of communication with your partner to find out what they are willing to do and what they are not willing to do to regain this spark. They might offer some insight or recommendations that surprise you! 

Consider Couples Therapy 

Some situations are best assessed through the eyes of a professional. If you and your partner are willing, seeing a couples therapist can be a great way to get new ideas on how to add romance back into your marriage. It’s all about finding the right therapist for you! Don’t be afraid to shop around a bit and try a few different practices before settling down and working with one individual. This is a completely normal part of the process! 

We hope this article helps spark new ideas to add romance back into your marriage. Remember, love and intimacy is a two-way street! Keep an open line of communication with your partner as you rebuild excitement and joy back into your lives. For more information on marriage, relationships, and more, check out the rest of our blog! 

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