How To Maintain Body Positivity While Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s no secret that wedding dress shopping can be a daunting experience, especially for brides who are struggling with body image issues. Trying on dozens of gowns in combination with preparing for all other aspects of your wedding can cause you to get flustered and frustrated with what you can’t control. Bringing relatives (old and new!) along for the journey can also be extremely stressful! 

We get it. That’s why this article is completely tailored to helping you learn to maintain body positivity while wedding dress shopping. Let’s dive right in!

Bring Along a Cheerleading Team

Typically, brides will choose to bring along close family, friends, or other essential members of their bridal party. Our advice is to cut down on your dress fitting invite list! While it might sound fun for others to come and share their opinions, there is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. When you have too many opinions coming at you all at once, it can become hard to make a decision and listen to what it is that you really want out of a gown!

Don’t be afraid to tell family members or friends “no” if they ask to come along to your fitting. You want to specifically invite people in your life who have your best interest at heart and know when it is appropriate to share their opinions. Anyone who has shared unwanted comments in the past should not be invited to this special event. While it may be awkward to leave a few people out, this experience is all about you! You deserve to be accompanied by a cheerleading team that will support, love, and encourage you every step of the way.

Find a Wedding Dress Consultant That Will Listen

Finding a wedding dress consultant is not unlike finding a therapist. Just because a store has a good reputation and various styles and brands to choose from does not mean its consultants are cut out for every client. It has to be a mutual fit! You want to find someone who has experience with fitting dresses for people with your individual body type. Not every consultant will have this experience or expertise!

Do some research before your appointment so that you can request a specific consultant if necessary. Read reviews online that indicate which consultants are receptive to feedback – and vice versa! Finding someone who will listen to your specific concerns and make dress recommendations based on your comfort can completely change this experience.

Research Flattering Styles Beforehand

Be sure to also do some light research on what dress styles you are interested in prior to your fitting. Even having a folder of images on your phone you can show your consultant can make the appointment go more smoothly! Get a feel for what you like and dislike. This goes beyond just fit! Research lengths, materials, colors, trims, and more.

If you are a plus-size bride learning to love her body, there is a seat for you at the table. Our curvy dress styles make for the most flattering and comfortable look! You not only want to look good but feel good too. You will be in this dress for many hours, likely standing, so comfort is key!

We hope this article helped provide you with some key tips for staying body positive while wedding dress shopping. This is no easy feat, and some appointments might be better than others! Try to keep an open mind, embrace what you have, and laugh along the way. Check out FancDesigns for a variety of styles made to make you look and feel your best!

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