5 Wedding Reception Ideas For Introverts

Wedding receptions will include your guests and family with a range of different personalities. With introverts and extroverts at the reception together, it can be challenging to keep all your guests involved in your reception activities. Here are five ideas for wedding reception activities for your introverted guests. 

Make Your Food and Dessert Stands Interactive

Introverts are people that need something to draw them out and include them in conversation. Having your dinner stations be interactive is fun for your guests, because they can assemble their own meal, and can share comments on the food with other guests in line. Likewise, dessert stations are fantastic because guests can create their own dessert specialties.  

Offer Board Games In Addition To the Dance Floor

Guests love having an alternative to the dance floor, beyond just sitting and conversing at their dining table. Board games can be a great way to get your guests talking, and having fun at the same time. Games could also serve as a bonding activity to get the new family and friends talking, making the introverts feel at ease.  

Set Up a Lounge Area

Sometimes even the extroverted guests need a break, and an away place to just hang out. Introverted guests can definitely enjoy this area as well. Offer coffee, tea, and hot chocolate so your guests can grab a warm drink, and sit away from the dance floor. Include some board games to provide something else to do.  

Have Video Game Stations

Both introverts and extroverts love video games, and they’re a fun way to hang out with guests. Many companies offer games to rent, and the number will be dependent on the amount of space at your reception. Game stations don’t need to be rented. If you own or can borrow a few consoles and TVs, you can set up video games for guests. Video games stations can go hand in hand with other things like a photo booth to get people together and talking.  

Have Your Reception End Early

No rule states that your wedding reception needs to end at midnight. Introverts are people who like to end a party early, so they can go home and relax before going to bed. Ending your reception earlier doesn’t mean you can’t include all the traditional wedding events, you just have an adjusted schedule for your reception. An early end time also helps your guests get home safely, as they are not driving home so late at night.  

Introverts and extroverts can both have fun at your wedding reception using these tips. Check out our shop and blog for more tips including five things to discuss before you get married.

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