Wedding Dress With Straps vs. Strapless Wedding Dresses: Which Is Right For You?

To strap or not to strap is the question many brides ask when picking out different options for a wedding dress. Both have their pros and cons and offer different looks for your wedding. Let’s go over the considerations for both dresses, as well as some examples that Fan C Designs offers.

Wedding Dresses With Straps

Strapless dresses offer less coverage and support, so if you need additional support in the chest area, a wedding dress with straps is the way to go. Straps can be wide or narrow. Even spaghetti straps offer some support. 

A variety of necklines are available to wedding dresses with straps. Consider our elegant double spaghetti straps mermaid gown with a modest neckline.  On the other hand, you could go with an off the shoulder or one shoulder which will give you support and highlight your shoulders. This is a versatile style that can blend well with a variety of wedding themes and will look pleasing with almost any body type. 

When wearing a wedding dress that has straps, the style of the straps will impact the type of bra you can wear. If you wear a one-shoulder gown or a spaghetti strap dress, you will want to wear a strapless bra or bustier. Here, the straps of the gown can help to reinforce the bra. If you wear a dress with thicker straps, you may be able to wear a bra with straps, provided that they line up.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

A style that can be taken classic or modern based on how you accessorize, a strapless gown is a choice for many wedding themes. It is a timeless design that originated in the 1930’s as evening wear. While considered “wicked” at the time, the design has gained popularity as a wedding dress and is one of the more popular styles. 

Regardless of body type a strapless gown will help accentuate your upper body. However, it may not provide the support you need if you have a larger bra size. So if considering a strapless style, fitting and tailoring is critical.  With a strapless gown, necklines are generally modest or plunging.  Our collection offers many styles of strapless dresses including  A-line, high-low, mermaid, and ballgown.  And of course, with a strapless wedding gown, you will need a strapless bra or bustier.

Still looking for the perfect wedding dress for your big day? Check out our collection for more styles, and our blog for more wedding day tips. 

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