Finding Your Engagement Party Outfit as a Bride to Be

Engagement parties have become more festive and fun. As you share this event with your friends and family, you want to look your best.  An engagement outfit can be anything you’d like from casual to upscale chic. Here are our tips for finding your perfect engagement outfit.

Consider the Venue and Time of Year

When thinking about what to wear to your engagement party, two big considerations should be the time of year, and where the party will take place. 

For a summer party, a nice light sundress may be a good option because it will keep you cool. In the fall, a dress may be a good option. You can pair it with a sweater or a jacket. A winter engagement party will most likely be indoors; consider an off white dress with long sleeves or adding a seasonal sweater. While considering the time of year, also consider the time of day, and go with a more causal dress for a day time gathering, and a more elegant look for an evening party.

Add Your Own Personal Style

Your engagement party is one of your first opportunities to be seen as the bride and meet new family members. Compliment your look by adding your own personal touches. Your engagement party is a fun event. If you want to be a little playful, consider wearing a jumpsuit instead of traditional separates.  Looking to really be bold?  Wear a striking color that’s popular in the season when you hold your engagement party. Top off your look by adding some special jewelry (make sure to show off that brand new engagement ring).

Wear an Outfit That Will Look Great in Photographs

Many photos will be taken during your engagement party and of course you want to look your best as those photos may end up in your wedding album and on social media. Wear an outfit that compliments your figure.  

Have a Back-up Outfit

If you’re having an all-day affair, or at least one that will include a cocktail hour and dinner, consider multiple outfits. For the cocktail hour as you circulate and talk with your guests, something casual allows you to move easily. For dinner something a little more upscale or elegant may be a good option. If you choose multiple outfits make sure there is a place to store and change your outfits.  

Use these tips as a starting point as you find your outfit to dazzle the night away. Shop our collection of wedding dresses to find the perfect dress for when your big day comes, or check out our blog post on creative ideas for an engagement party.

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