Wedding Dress Trends of 2024 – Available At Fan C Designs

Much like the regular fashion world, bridal fashion is also subject to designer and customer trends.  There are some styles that are tried and true classics and will always be popular. And every year  designers introduce new designs and concepts. Here are  some 2024 bridal  trends and some representative gowns from our catalog.  


While not a new trend in bridal fashion, florals are going to make a come-back next year.  Florals on your wedding gown can be a simple floral highlight, or an overall floral design capturing the essence of the dress.  A floral design can be incorporated into almost any dress style, A-line, ball gown, mermaid, etc. 

In our collection, we offer  several styles of dresses with floral accents including this mermaid style dress with an optional jacket in a floral lace design.  Another option is this A-line dress which includes floral highlights in the middle, and along the bottom of the gown.

Dropped Waist

A dropped waist is a new trend in bridal gowns and it’s leaving an impact on the runways and with brides. By definition, a dropped waist is a dress that hugs your figure until your hips, and then flares out. This style is similar to a mermaid or a trumpet style bridal gown. Dropped waist gowns can also make you appear taller and are considered an alternative to  A-Line, or  Ball Gown styles. Our MB-1257 has a dropped waist style with elegant trim below the waist.


Bows can be a dramatic or simple addition to your dress. No matter how simple or sophisticated you want to stylize, you will find several styles of gowns with bows within our collection. We offer an A-line dress with a prominent bow on the back of this modest dress, ideal for a classic wedding. If you’re looking for a style with smaller bows or on the front of the dress, another A-line option with a frontal bow as well as a bow tying a back corset could work for you.

Lace Necklines

Lace Necklines are a timeless design that can add a classic or contemporary addition to your wedding gown. Lace necklines come as part of a variety of styles, and we offer several dresses with lace necklines. We have a number of dresses that offer lace necklines, including:

These are just some of the 2024 wedding dress trends. As you’ve seen, our collection includes these trends and also offers many more design ideas. Please browse our collections and find your style here.

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