Wedding Day Make-Up Tips For Brides

Your wedding day make-up is unique for you on your wedding day. But even with your own unique make-up style, each bride can use tips and techniques that will highlight them on that special day. Here are five wedding day make-up tips for brides.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

While this tip is appropriate year-round, it’s particularly important for your wedding. Keeping your body hydrated will also help your skin. The more you hydrate, the easier it will be to apply make-up on your wedding day.  

Use Watersafe Products

A waterproof product applied with a beauty blender will help with those emotional moments you have on your wedding day. Having the beauty blender on hand for quick touch-ups will keep your make-up fresh.  

Take Photos Of Your Trial Run

A make-up trial before your wedding day is a way for your make-up artist to get to know you and your skin, so they can determine which products work best for you. A make-up trial is also a way to try out different looks to find the one that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. Take photos at your trial so you have a reference for your wedding day and you can see how your make-up will reflect in photos.  

Keep a Touch-Up Kit At the Ready

With all the events of your wedding day, make-up is bound to fade or smudge a bit. Assign a bridesmaid or another close friend or family member to hold onto the touch-up kit for you, and they can make sure your make-up still looks great all day and night. Items to Include: lipstick, a powder compact, powder brush, brow brush, and concealer.  

Choose Your Foundation Based On the Season

Time of year also plays a part in your wedding day make-up. If your wedding is in the winter, you don’t want to have a foundation that looks dry or flat. For a summer wedding, you will not want a foundation that is too shiny. Also in the summer, use a water-resistant prime (which is a good idea for a wedding any time of year). Apply your make-up in layers to achieve your desired look. It will not only save you from over applying but will last longer and will also resist smudging.   

Make-up is something that is personal and will be different for every bride, so keep these tips in mind when deciding on your make-up for your wedding day. Stay tuned to our blog for more wedding tips, or to find the perfect wedding dress to go with your make-up, check out our collection!

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