Pros and Cons of Having More Than One Wedding Outfit

When thinking about your wedding day, you may have thought about incorporating more than one dress into your wedding day trousseau. This doesn’t necessarily mean multiple wedding dresses (a la J-Lo), but you can bring a change of clothes to make your wedding events beyond the ceremony a bit more comfortable. Here are some pros and cons of wearing more than one outfit on your wedding day.

Pro: Photos in Multiple Locations

If your wedding is happening across multiple locations or settings, the opportunity to be photographed in an outfit more suited to the location is perfect. Obviously, for the ceremony/ church photos, you would remain in your wedding gown. This would be most appropriate for the formal wedding party and family photos. At the reception, you may want to change into something more comfortable with the vibe of the reception. Finally, some brides select a travel outfit when leaving the reception, perhaps on the way to their honeymoon.

Con: Finances of Having Multiple Dresses

When it comes to weddings, there are of course financial costs to consider. Your budget will include the total cost of your outfits, and you’ll probably want to spend the majority of it on your wedding dress. If you want to consider other outfits, make sure they are complimentary to your wedding dress in price and style.  

Pro: More Comfort For Your Wedding Reception

As noted above, you may want to have an outfit change for the reception as a way of showing off your personal style, in addition to having varied outfits for your photographs.

Con: Changing Outfits is Time Consuming

Time is always a factor on your wedding day, and changing your outfits among all your other activities may be challenging. You want to make sure that you spend time and acknowledge your guests. If you’re considering alternate outfits, make sure you factor that time into your reception plans.  

Consider these pros and cons as you assemble your wedding trousseau. If you’re looking for your perfect wedding dress, check out our bridal collection or stay tuned to our blog for more wedding tips!

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