The Perfect Make-Up for Your Skin Tone

Makeup for your Wedding

We live in a world full of diverse people and diverse skin tones. In fact, Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass once conducted a study and concluded that we have over 70 skin tones throughout the current human population. It follows, then, that not all make-up will look the same against all skin-tones. On your big day, you want things to run smoothly and you want to look your best. Make-up that suits your particular skin tone is part of that.


For foundation, it’s as important to know your undertone as it is your skin tone. Your undertone is that natural “healthy glow” beneath the surface of the skin. Undertones are classified in three different ways: cool, neutral, or warm. There are a couple sure ways to tell your undertone. First, look at the visible veins in your wrist. Veins look blue or purple beneath cool undertones, green beneath warm undertones, but it will be difficult to tell what color they are with neutral undertones. Another way to know your natural undertone is to judge by how easily you sunburn or tan. Cool undertones are most likely to sunburn and warm undertones are most likely to tan.


Because your skin’s tone includes both the primary skin tone and your undertones, it’s sometimes helpful to use two different foundations. Choose one foundation that most closely matches your skin tone and another that accentuates your undertone. Use the foundation for your undertone in the center of your face and allow it to blend in to the skin tone. Then mix in the primary foundation and apply that all over your face and neck. Always make sure that your foundation looks good in natural light, as well, not just by the light of your bathroom.


The best use of make-up is not to alter your best features, but to bring them to the forefront. You know that your make-up job is good when it’s not obvious to other people that you’re wearing make-up. Try to choose shades of make-up that are closest to your natural color. For instance, if you have a light complexion, use light colored make-up: soft pink, beige, rose lipstick. Peachy colors can work on a light complexion, but only with neutral or warm undertones, as it clashes with cool undertones. For warm, brown skin, colors like honey for foundation and brighter pink blush is preferable. For dark skin, deep red lipstick, dark eye shadow and reddish-brown blush works best.


Your sense of personal style is also important, though. Maybe you don’t like to blend in, and contrast can give your wedding day look a striking but pleasant effect. If you have pale skin, smoky eye shadow and deep red lipstick can give you a classic, old Hollywood look. Bright pink or orange lipstick, carefully applied, could have a fun pop surrounded by warm, dark skin.  It’s important to find make-up that fits your skin tone, but at the end of the day, it’s even more important to find make-up that


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