The classic limousine transportation for your wedding

Transportation for your Wedding

 Transportation for your Wedding

We’ve wrote at great length about how to organize a wedding, the various styles and ways to implement it, but have you considered how you’re going to arrive? When your guests first see you on that magic day you want to appear at your best, and this not only goes with the hair, makeup and dress, but also the transportation for your wedding! When you’ve finally said your “I Do’s”, it’s also going to be what starts your new life together as you ride off into the sunset.

1.The Classic Limousine

The limousine is a classic! It is unmistakbly a sign that something big is happening, and it’s time to take notice! It’s good-taste and timeless style will never go out of fashion. For the bride within it also allows her to truly relax, either with a cohort of best-friends and champagne, or just by putting her feet up and enjoying the smooth ride.
The classic limousine transportation for your wedding

2.Sports Cars

Looking for something more modern? Something to really WOW your guests? Sports Cars are a great way to speed into your Wedding, the roar of the engine, the sleek look and the fashionable extravagence go a long way! If you’re after a taste of the exotic and the sexy, then the Sports Car Arrival/Exit may be the Wedding Transportation for you.
Sports Car Wedding Travel Transporation Ideas

3.Classic Cars

There’s something supremely elegant about a classic car. It doesn’t scream “I’m Different” but everybody can see that it is. Something understated but beautiful, elegant and oh-so-classy. Perfect for a Vintage Wedding.
Classic Car Transportation for Wedding

4.Horse Drawn Carriage

Do you dream of feeling like a Princess? If you’re lucky enough to be marrying your Knight in Shining armor than a Horse-Drawn Carriage may be a perfect way to arrive and depart your wedding. Matches a Royal themed wedding perfectly.
Horse Drawn Carriage Wedding Transportation

5.Boat Trip

If the wedding is on a beach or near a large lake, the bride and groom can arrive by boat. It almost seems inappropriate NOT to when your wedding is on a white-sand beach in the Bahamas!


Transportation for Wedding via BOAT


All the heat-of-the-moment changes and overall stress that your perfect day will end up… slightly less than perfect, may drive a bride into a craze. It’s important to avoid becoming a Bridezilla, and having a special entrance is a great way to relieve that stress.

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