To Veil or Not To Veil? Wedding Veil Considerations

One decision brides make during their wedding wardrobe planning is whether or not to wear a veil. There is no right or wrong answer, and it’s a decision that will be resolved along with your gown selection. Here are some considerations to assist you in deciding to include a veil.

Family Heirloom

When deciding on including a veil, it can be an item that you can use to start a family tradition, or it can be a wedding veil that has been used in family weddings over time — or it could be “something borrowed” from a friend. If your family has a veil that has been passed down from generation to generation, wearing this veil is a great way to honor your family and traditions.

Extra Cost 

One of the biggest concerns when thinking about wearing a veil is the extra cost. While a veil might not approach the cost of your dress, it is another cost to include in your planning budget. For planning purposes simple veils can be added for $250-$300, while intricate veils can exceed $1,000.

Wedding Day Photos 

Another consideration for wearing a veil is the addition it can bring to your wedding day look, especially your photos. A veil combined with your wedding dress can add extra style and complete your look for ceremony and post-ceremony photos. Most brides remove the veil after formal photos and before the reception, so it doesn’t interfere with interacting with your guests.  

Outdoor Wedding & Hair Considerations

Especially for outdoor weddings, a veil is an extra item you need to manage. Weather is a concern, particularly wind, as it can play havoc with your look. Even at indoor weddings, where wind isn’t a problem, you need to make sure it is secured properly.  


Veils come in several styles and can be a complement to any of the wedding dresses in our catalog. A birdcage veil adds a vintage vibe, is 12-18 inches long and is perfect for an outdoor wedding. A shoulder length veil is perfect for a dress with intricate shoulder detail, as it’s around 20-inch length and provides a classic look.  

The traditional bridal veil is a blusher, which covers the brides face until presented to her groom.  It is a single sheer layer and is around 30 inches. The longest veils are the chapel veil and the cathedral veil for the full dramatic effect.

Once you have made your veil decision, be sure to review our catalog as all our gowns will look ideal with or without a veil. Check out our bridal collection to find the right dress for you. 

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