Wedding Flower Trends of 2024

During your wedding planning, one of the items that may not be immediately at the top of your list are your flower arrangements. Like fashion, wedding floral trends can change from year to year; it can be a challenge to know what is popular from one year to the next. Here are four floral trends that will be popular in 2024.

Play With Height When Making Your Floral Arrangements.

Wedding planners are now embracing using a mixture of short and tall flowers in different groupings. When using this trend, it may help the venue ceiling seem taller as these taller arrangements stretch the room vertically. And strategically placed smaller arrangements can create sculptural forms around the room.  These can be accented with strategic uplighting creating a dramatic effect. This can be particularly bold when used at entryways or beside the sweetheart table.

Use Different Flower Types

Gone are the days when couples use a single or a small selection of flower types.  Classic flowers like dahlias, roses, peonies, tulips, and hydrangeas will work well paired with modern flowers like chamomile, cosmos, and even berries, fruits, and veggies. These combinations will add a more contemporary vibe to your floral arrangements. This is also a great way to incorporate local, native and seasonal plants into your wedding.

Include Different Textures

In addition to using different types of flowers, incorporating different textures is a fun way to add your personal style to your floral arrangements. Using different textures also has a visual appeal element and draws the eye to the arrangement. Add interesting foliage and natural elements to fresh florals to create a unique table or floor design.  Fresh flowers mixed with dried flowers is another way to mix textures.

Go Beyond the Traditional Centerpieces

Florals arrangements today are going beyond the traditional centerpiece. Incorporating height, types, and textures, along with non-traditional placements, you can create arrangements that fully highlight your personal style. Hanging and floating floral arrangements lead these non-traditional placements.  A floral backdrop is a fun way to create a photo area, and another way to use flowers and foliage to your liking.  

Florals are something that you can incorporate to express your personality. Using this as a guide, explore what works for you, and have fun putting it together. Our bridal collection of wedding dresses includes gowns that will work with your floral designs.

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