The Perfect Wedding – Right In Your Backyard

With spring weather right around the corner, what better venue for your wedding than one where there will be no surprises – your backyard! Picture this: you walk out of your back door through a tunnel made of tulle, flowers and twinkly lights. Then, the tunnel becomes a white linen tent with fairy lights draped across the ceiling and all of your guests are sitting before you, waiting for you to walk down the aisle and meet your match. All you need for this to happen is your backyard. 

Just like the image we’ve created above, you can transform your backyard into the dream setting you’ve always imagined. Instead of paying for an expensive venue that comes with rules, set rooms you can’t change, and staff who are always watching, choose a venue you can change what you want without the cost. 

Reasons why a backyard wedding is a great option…

Safety: Maybe your backyard is the only option as a venue for your wedding during a global pandemic. Don’t see it as a bad thing! Your backyard is the safest place for you to have your COVID-free wedding. You can control the spacing, the sanitation, and it’s outside in the fresh air. Your guests can enjoy your wedding without any concerns. Their minds will only be on you and how beautiful the scenery is!

Time: You can even take your time setting it up! Rented venues offer time constraints. You only have one hour to set this up, one hour to take everything down. Of course, they usually have additional staffing to help, but there’s only so much they can do. There’s no time limit for how long you have access to your own backyard. Plus, that means the party doesn’t have to end early! Instead of calculating numbers to figure out if you have enough time at the venue to do all the things you want, you won’t have to worry about squeezing all your desired events into a certain time limit. 

Freedom: Each venue is different. But they usually always have certain rules and restrictions that need to be followed. Certain materials aren’t allowed. Hanging things can be tricky. In your backyard, you have the freedom to do as you please. Hang those twinkly lights up to create the dreamy escape. Drape anything anywhere. You own the place! You follow your own rules and regulations. 

Stress-free: Hopefully, with the help of friends, family, bridesmaids, groomsman, and additional help, your day will be stress-free! Whoops! Someone accidentally knocked over a breakable vase when decorating. That’s okay! There’s no penalty…unless it was special to you! Regardless, no harm, no foul! In a rented venue, there’s usually liabilities and that vase would be coming out of someone’s paycheck. When it’s your own place, no worries. You’ll have enough to worry about already.

Comfort: There are no surprises when it comes to your own place. You’re comfortable here. It’s familiar and you know all of the odds and ends. On a stressful day when you want everything to run smoothly, it’s nice to be in a space where you’re comfortable, where you feel safe. You can get ready in your bedroom (no need to pack anything and then there’s nothing to forget!). You know where everything is. That being said, others will be familiar to it, too! 

When making a pros and cons list, which I’m sure you have done on many occasions when making a big bridal decision, the pros definitely win on this topic. There isn’t one bad thing that you can’t turn around to make it a positive. With all of these advantages to having your wedding in your backyard, it’s hard to think you thought any differently.

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