5 Wedding Trends For 2021

Some wedding staples have been popular for decades, but new trends arise each year to make weddings more exciting and fresh. Getting married in 2021? Here are five wedding trends that might spark some inspiration.

Smaller Appetizers

This is a new trend in weddings and for a good reason. The trend is to have individual portions perfect for one guest. Smaller appetizers mean that you can have a selection of regional dishes important to you and your spouse and families. We can also adapt cocktail hours, pairing wine and cocktails to your varied appetizer selections.  

A New Kind of Entertainment

A trend this year is adding bistro-style Entertainment. This new kind of entertainment can include acoustic performances, dance troops, and a variety of other options to keep your reception different and exciting for your guests. Your DJ or band could also switch up the music style and/or tempo during various times of the reception. 

Add a “coffee hour” with an acoustic set; have some jazz arrangements softly under the cocktail hour. If you have a live band, consider having them work up a new arrangement for some of your favorite songs.

Smaller Wedding Cakes

This trend is having a smaller cake, but not small in detail. This includes single tier cakes and multiple, differently decorated cakes. Smaller cakes are also a way to introduce color and flavor options to your guests. A fun touch with a smaller cake can be to include a wedding favor along with the cake.  

Smaller Guest Lists

This year we are seeing a trend towards smaller weddings, meaning less than 50 people. A trend such as this means the wedding can be more personal, and you will be able to spend more time with your guests.

Staying Close To Home

With destination weddings not practical at this time, couples are having weddings only a car or train ride away. This not only makes it easier on the couple, not having to worry about complicated travel logistics, it is also easier and less expensive for the guests.

This is just a small sample of the trends going on this year. For more information on weddings and fashion, check out our shop and blog at Fan C Designs.

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