A Wedding Theme Inspired By Your Favorite TV Show or Movie

Most epic romances have been seen on the screen: Romeo and Juliet, Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica, Ron and Hermoine…you choose your favorite on-screen couple. Their great loves usually led to a great wedding. It’s only natural to want your wedding to be like the ones seen on TV. Even if you’re inspired by a movie completely unrelated to marriage. The bonus is that yours is the real thing. It’s your wedding and you’re the producer. Anything is fair game. Here’s a few ideas to get you started. 

Like all weddings, brides must plan for each category: food and beverages, decorations, flowers, apparel, venue, etc. These elements can all be designed to tribute your all-time favorite scenes. The first thing you must do is choose which film inspires you most. Harry Potter? Star Wars? Friends? The Office? Cinderella? You already have the visuals to help you with ideas. Now, it’s about bringing them to life. 

Once you have chosen your favorite film or show, pick a category to begin. 

Food and Beverages

Let’s start with food and beverages. Was there a token snack or drink in your chosen film? For example, in “Harry Potter,” the characters drink butterbeer, eat from a candy cart on Hogwarts express and we don’t even need to mention their glorious feasts in the great hall. You can come up with your wedding’s signature drink. Butterbeer! You can even make it the “adult” version.


Continuing on with our Harry Potter inspired wedding, you can hang candles from the ceiling to reflect the great hall or a chess board dance floor. The best thing about this is most of these ideas can be easily done by yourself, definitely the cheaper option. Wedding favors and the reception seating assignment displays are ways to creatively tie in quotes or symbolic items from that movie or show Saving money and having the wedding of your dreams? What could be better! 


Now onto the gowns and suits. Just pick a color that reminds you of the film. Which Hogwarts house are you in? Gryffindor – choose a shade of maroon. Slytherin? Green. See where I’m going? You can choose a seemingly crazy color and keep your wedding classy by muting it down to a jewel tone or pastel.  


Some brides get their heart set on a certain venue but if you set the right stage combining the elements above, you can transform any location into the perfect scene. It’s more what you bring to the venue and not the venue itself. Don’t worry if your venue is all booked up for the season, find a space you can turn into your dream.

Go through this list with the aspects of your favorite film or TV show. It doesn’t have to be Harry Potter. You can complete this checklist using aspects from any on-screen performance… and even from books! When you see all of the pieces put together, it will be like you’ve stepped inside the movie.

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