How To Have a Fall Wedding When It’s Not Fall

For many of us, fall is a favorite season. The air is crisp and just right. The colors are vibrant, and we’re able to break out our favorite sweaters, boots, and scarves. Fall can be quite a romantic season, as well. Its trademark scenery blends into the crisp whites of weddings seamlessly, and it’s just chilly enough to snuggle up to someone close to you. 

But we’re not quite into spring, which means that your dreams of a fall wedding might feel far off. What if you want the look and feel of a fall wedding without having to wait for fall? Here are a few tips:

Use Fall Colors

The thing that most consider to be so lovely about fall is undoubtedly the autumn colors. Deep red and burnt orange and even vibrant yellow leaves fall in slow motion from their tree boughs to the ground. You see these colors incorporated in autumnal decor, in clothes, and even in tasty treats. You can bring this into your wedding, regardless of the season. Maybe your bridesmaids can wear autumnal colors for their dresses, or you can opt for copper or gold tablecloths.

Go For a Rustic Theme

The rustic wedding theme incorporates natural wood and worn elements that seem to evoke a feeling of autumn. This is perfect if you want a fall wedding, no matter what time of year. Consider swapping out a flower bouquet for a bouquet of herbs and wheat that looks more autumnal. Use mason jars and burlap. When shopping for a wedding dress, consider something that has lace elements. If you want that fall atmosphere to remain undisturbed by the actual seasons, maybe have an indoor wedding in a rustic location such as a barn.

Include Fall Eats

For the reception, you can include some of your favorite fall pies like pecan or pumpkin pie. Cider is a great drink option any time of year — and you can include hard cider for those over the age of 21 who drink. Main meals might be a pumpkin bisque or some other delicious warm soup. 

Adjust Your Playlist

Some music just feels like autumn. Think of Taylor Swift’s Evermore album or your favorite indie folk bands. Of course, if you want something to dance to, you may need to go for something more upbeat. But throwing in a few acoustic tracks on the playlist or requesting them of your DJ will help to transport your wedding into the autumn season.

It may not be fall for some time, but it’s not too late to start planning an autumn wedding. And if you don’t want to wait until fall, these tips will help you to create the feeling of fall in your spring or summer wedding. Need help finding the perfect dress for the big day? Contact Fan C Designs today or check out our collection.

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