Looking For Inspiration For Your Wedding Cake

One of the joys of any wedding is making every guest turn their head as the bride enters through double doors to walk down the aisle. You can create this reaction again at the reception, but this time their eyes will be on the cake. Make your cake tell a story through its decoration. Whether it’s covered in ornate frosting details, edible flowers, crystalized sugar sprinkles, and smooth buttercream, your wedding cake can satisfy more than your sense of taste. A dessert that tastes as good as it looks? That takes the cake, literally. 

Don’t think of your cake as just the dessert for the reception. Think of it as another piece of your decor. This is the cake that your significant other will playfully feed you in front of your guests. It will be in photos and staged in the background of your reception area. While how the cake tastes is important, its appearance matters, as well. Here is inspiration drawn from different wedding cake styles for various types of wedding themes. These will inspire you to get creative and see your cake as a statement piece for your wedding. It will add that extra something to your day that will blow people away. 


Less is more with this design. Choose a pastel color that pairs well with your wedding’s colors (softer colors like cream, light pink, white, and other pastels work best). Within the frosting is intricate lacework, lines, patterns, and/or scalloped edges. Garnish with flowers, earthy florals, leaves or anything that coincides with your wedding’s theme. This style is simple yet elegant and natural. Perfect for a bohemian or rustic themed wedding.

Floating Flowers

Going for more of the classic, romantic wedding? Frosted flowers floating up on the cake is the choice for you. With bigger flowers at the bottom trailing up to the top of the cake, getting smaller the closer they get to the top; this cake will make anyone fall in love. The cake will match the ornate flower arrangements you have placed on each table, bringing the whole setting together. 

Fun and Fruity

Does your wedding have fun pops of color? Choose a white or light-colored frosting with mixed fruits as the accent. Strawberries, pomegranates, kiwis, pears, blueberries, and more. These fruits will not only enhance the flavor of the cake but add those pops of color that people won’t be able to keep their eyes off of. This option may also be cheaper than the extravagantly decorated cakes. You can get the fruit yourself and express creative freedom with how it’s displayed. This option is perfect for a natural, outdoorsy, beachy wedding — even bohemian or renaissance themed.


Shiny gold or silver flakings going up the cake or around the edges, metallic paintings trellising upwards through the layers, gilded tiers…this cake is one crafted by the gods. You can’t go wrong with metallic finishings. This cake will almost be too beautiful to eat, but it will be too delicious not to. 

As for flavors, that’s the easy part. Just choose what you like. It’s your day, everything should be about you and your favorite things. To appeal to your guests, get various flavored cupcakes. That way everyone is bound to find something that they like. 

You can make any of these cake styles work for whatever atmosphere you’re going for. Just like they say, you can have your cake and eat it too. In this case, it’s actually true.

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